5 signs you may need a hip replacement

9 February 2019

More than 50,500 hip replacements took place across England and Wales last year. It is a major, yet effective and common operation and over time becomes the only way to eradicate pain and improve quality of life.

How do you know when you need a hip replacement? Here are 5 signs to look out for and to discuss with your GP:Hip pain

  • Persistent or recurring pain in and around the hip joint. Often described as groin or buttock pain. You may also experience referred pain in your knee
  • Activity related pain and stiffness limiting your mobility in walking, managing stairs and getting in and out of chairs
  • Increasing pain, discomfort and immobility from a previous hip injury (such as a fractured pelvis)
  • A ‘grating’ feeling in the hip joint
  • Disturbance of sleep due to pain.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms and are worried, you should discuss them with your GP. Unless your symptoms are very severe and debilitating, your GP is likely to first recommend pain relief and /or physiotherapy before suggesting an operation, but if and when they agree that you need a hip replacement you can ask to be referred to us for your treatment – we are part of your choice for NHS treatment.

If you are exploring the option of paying for yourself, you can choose to pay for your treatment yourself via our self pay option. You will need an open referral letter from your GP (we can help you with this). Your initial consultation with us is free of charge and our pricing structure is transparent. Because we don’t include all of the costly extras you may associate with private hospital treatment, paying for yourself could cost you considerably less than you might imagine too. There are also financing options available, to help you spread the cost.

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