Pocket Physio

Our easy-to-use guide to the physiotherapy exercises will help you prepare and recover from surgery.

Pocket physio app

Pocket Physio app for patients

The free app features an easy-to-use guide to the physiotherapy exercises patients need to do to prepare for, and recover from, hip or knee replacement surgery as well as foot and hand surgery.

The App is divided into three main sections:

Orthopaedic clinical lead for Practice Plus Group surgeon Gyorgy Lovasz said: “The app provides videos and text instructions on pre- and post-operative physio exercises. By following the exercises you can establish a strong exercise regime before surgery that you can also continue afterwards, helping you to make a speedy recovery. You can even plan your own physio exercise regime using the reminder function. It will be a real boost to our patients but it can be accessed by anyone.”

Pocket Physio is available to download for free on:

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