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Approved by insurers

Whether you’re insured privately or through your company, you can access care with us.

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Hassle free treatment for patients with private medical insurance

Whether you have your own private health insurance or are covered through your employer, insured patients can now receive expert hospital treatment at any one of our 10 Practice Plus Group Hospitals.

Approved by insurers

If you are insured through your company or privately insured, you can get referred to Practice Plus Group – contact your insurance provider to pre-authorise your treatment today. You can find details on how to contact approved insurers directly below:

Start your treatment at Practice Plus Group TODAY

Step 1: Get your GP referral

Most insurers will require a GP referral before approving your treatment. Make sure your GP referral includes the recommended treatment and hospital of your choice.

Step 2: Call your insurer

When you call your insurer, make sure you have your insurance membership number and the GP referral details ready. If you have a preferred hospital, let them know. Your insurer will give you a confirmation that your policy covers your required treatment. Keep this pre-authorisation number when you call our friendly Private Patient Advisors.

Step 3: Get your life back on track

Once you have decided you would like to proceed with your treatment at a Practice Plus Group Hospital and your insurer has agreed, we can arrange your first consultation. Your specialist will discuss treatment options with you and explain any diagnostic tests you might need as part of your individual care package.

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