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*based on current cataract prices

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Find out how our self-pay healthcare options could get you back on your feet faster.

At Practice Plus we offer high quality, consultant-delivered care to suit you. With expert surgeons and state of the art facilities, you’ll get the treatment you need at honest and transparent prices.

We charge less than other private hospitals – take a look at our private surgery costs.

What is self-pay private healthcare?

Put simply, self-pay healthcare is having a procedure that you’re paying for. This is opposed to covering the cost of treatment via an insurance policy or using NHS services. Self-pay at Practice Plus Group can be done on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Who can choose self-pay healthcare options?

Whether it’s for a consultation, diagnostic imaging, treatment or surgical procedures, the self-pay option is available to anyone who can cover the cost of private surgery themselves.

When to pay for yourself

There are a handful of reasons as to why you might want to pay for yourself. These include:

  • Rapid access to treatment
  • Ability to choose your own hospital for treatment
  • Ability to choose the consultant for your treatment
  • Ability to choose when to receive your treatment
  • If the treatment you need isn’t available on the NHS.

Self-pay v health insurance – which is best for me?

The answer to this question will depend on a few different factors. While the self-pay option could be more suitable for patients needing one-off treatments, medical insurance is good for those requiring regular access to healthcare. It should also be noted that the majority of private health insurance policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions. You’ll also have to consider your current financial situation, along with the type of healthcare you need.

Is self-pay cheaper than insurance?

The answer depends entirely on individual circumstances. These include the type of procedure you need, the insurance provider and whether you’re able to cover the cost of your treatment.

The benefits of pay-as-you-go healthcare

If you need to access healthcare, you may already be asking the question: why pay for yourself? The NHS v private healthcare debate is always a hotly contested topic, but with the NHS under more strain than ever before, it’s now more relevant than ever. At a time when NHS waiting lists have reached record highs, one of the main benefits of private healthcare is the speed of access. It takes as little as a week to get an appointment, and if treatment is needed, we aim to have you booked in within four weeks of your consultation. You will also benefit from the expertise of a dedicated consultant who will be with you on every step of your journey.

Other benefits of paying for your own treatment include the ability to choose which consultant you have, and the hospital in which to have your treatment.

Your step-by-step guide to self-pay healthcare

The self-pay healthcare process is designed to be as smooth and patient-friendly as possible. Our step-by-step guide will take you through all the stages of the journey: from getting your appointment to what happens after your treatment.

The first step on your self-pay journey is to book an appointment. The good news here is that you don’t always need a referral. This means you won’t necessarily need to make a GP appointment beforehand. Once your referral is dealt with, our friendly staff will book you in at the hospital of your choice.

Once your appointment is booked, it’s time for your initial consultation. This includes a nurse’s assessment and an X-ray (if required). The consultant will then talk you through the treatment options and indicate whether further tests are required. Your initial consultation costs £95.

Once you have undertaken any diagnostic tests required and treatment has been agreed with the consultant, we’ll get you booked in for surgery at a time and date that’s convenient for you.

Payment needs to be made seven days prior to the start of your treatment. This can be made via credit or debit card, BACS, or through our finance partner Chrysalis. Finance is available over 12 months 0% or longer-term options available from 36-60 months 14.9% APR.

We’re committed to honest pricing which means that the quote we give you for treatment is all inclusive. This includes prescriptions, aftercare, equipment used and any extra complications that may arise.

While you’re having your treatment, our friendly and experienced nursing team and your consultant will be with you every step of the way. This is thanks to our commitment to continuity of care. You’ll also enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and our excellent clinical outcomes.

Your aftercare is also included in the price of your treatment. If you do need aftercare following your treatment, we ensure that it’s clinically appropriate and tailored to your needs.

How can we charge less than other providers?

Most of our clinical staff and teams are employed directly by us – meaning you benefit from a settled team, providing consistency of service, professionalism and clinical excellence, whilst we are able to reduce the cost of treatment and give you honest pricing.

From hip replacement surgery to cataract surgery costs – there are no unnecessary and expensive extras – just high quality care delivering excellent clinical outcomes.

Self-pay healthcare FAQs

Not quite found the information you’re looking for? Our FAQs might be able to help!

According to recent reports and analysis, Practice Plus Group’s fixed prices for treatments are up to 30% cheaper than competitors*. The results are based on the guide prices for Circle Health, Nuffield, Ramsey and Spire.

*Based on current cataract prices

The answer depends entirely on your personal circumstances. You’ll need to decide whether your condition is worth the potential NHS waiting list. You’ll also need to consider whether you can afford to cover the cost of private treatment. At Practice Plus Group, our private healthcare offers comfort, commitment and expert opinion and attention throughout your treatment journey.

Accessing private healthcare is easy at Practice Plus Group. On most occasions, you won’t actually need to see your GP. Simply call our Private Patient Contact centre on 0333 060 4569 and we can take it from there.

Yes, and on most occasions you won’t actually need to see your GP. For private treatment enquiries call us on 0333 060 4569.

Yes and no. If you’ve had scans at NHS units within a certain timeframe, the attached report can be used. If you’ve had an NHS consultation but don’t want to observe the waiting list, you can switch to Practice Plus Group healthcare. This must be done within three months of your NHS consultation.

You cannot, however, have an initial consultation with Practice Plus Group and then switch to an NHS pathway. You will still be required to get an NHS referral from your GP.

At Practice Plus Group, our finance options are available through Chrysalis, our finance partner. Finance is available over 12 months 0% or longer-term options available from 36-60 months 14.9% APR.

If you’re paying for yourself, payment must be made seven days prior to the start of your treatment. This can be done via credit, debit card or BACS.

With the finance payment option available, you can spread the cost of your treatment using our interest free and low APR finance options. This can be arranged in advance.

Finance is available over 12 months 0% or longer-term options available from 24-60 months 14.9% APR.

If you’re paying for yourself, you’ll need to pay for your treatment seven days prior.


  • the highest quality care
  • a pre-operative nurse review
  • prescriptions, dressings and equipment
  • anaesthetic
  • any overnight stay in hospital required
  • physiotherapy, pathology and histology needed whilst admitted
  • any post-operative appointments required
  • a named consultant from start to finish

It may not include:

  • diagnostic imaging (if required)
  • any hidden extra costs

Why choose Practice Plus Group? Affordable private healthcare

  • £95 for an initial appointment including X-rays and blood tests. Low cost access to our experienced consultants.
  • Shorter waiting times. You can have your initial consultation within a week, and surgery around 4 weeks later.
  • Dedicated customer care. Our responsive customer care team are here for you when you need us…by phone, email or web chat.
  • Feel better faster. Individual medical treatment and care tailored to your needs – our Practice Plus Group clinical teams will have you back on your feet in no time.

Talk to our team to learn more about accessing private healthcare and treatment with us.

Other ways to pay – private patient plans

Aside from paying for yourself, you can also spread the cost via finance or through your insurance provider if health cover is offered (this may also depend of the level of cover you have). Finance through Chrysalis, our partner, is available over 12 months. 0% or longer-term options are available from 36-60 months with 9.9% APR.

We’re committed to honest pricing which means that the quote we give you for treatment is all inclusive. This includes prescriptions, aftercare, equipment used and any extra complications that may arise.

John Beaumont, self pay healthcare patient
John Beaumont
Knee replacement surgery

“Not only was it considerably cheaper than traditional private hospitals, the CQC rating gave me the reassurance that I could expect high standards of care.”

ghp private healthcare award

We charge up to 30% less than other hospitals*

Affordable private healthcare

Affordable private healthcare at Practice Plus Group

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Knee surgery, Plymouth – leading an active life once again

Thanks for performing total knee replacement on me. Due to your excellent skills I am improving daily and leading an active life once again!
by Chris Roberts

Hip surgery, Shepton Mallet – we have saved £6,500

My wife had a total hip replacement yesterday at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet. They were absolutely brilliant and if like me you maybe needing surgery but on a long waiting list and considering going private, they are definitely worth getting a quote from. We have saved £6,500 by going to them and not another private hospital. Her consultation was 27th May, operation 13th June, home on 14th.
by Mr Antoniou,

Cataract surgery, Devizes – cannot fault the care and attention

My wife recently had a cataract operation here and cannot fault the care and attention given to her by all the staff involved.

by Chris Longdon, Google

Hip surgery, Barlborough – I would recommend Practice Plus Group without a shadow of a doubt

I was particularly pleased with how well-mannered and attentive everyone was. I had my hip replacement operation at 11.30am and when I came out of surgery, a meal was waiting for me. I was told that if my blood test looked good and the surgeon was happy with me when he saw me at 5pm I could go home that night, and that’s what happened. It was seamless.
by Terence Watson

Knee replacement, Southampton – absolutely wonderful

I had a knee replacement in May 2022. I have to say that all of the staff from the consultant, the nursing staff and the entire team were absolutely wonderful.

by Susan Farmer

Cataract surgery, Gillingham – everyone very friendly

I went for my cataract assessment today and found everyone very friendly and I was put at ease about the procedure. I feel very relaxed to know that I’ll be in good hands when the time for my surgery arrives.
by Sandra Church, Google

Hip surgery, Barlborough – aftercare was brilliant!

I went in for my new hip and was out within 3 days! The aftercare was also brilliant – 10/10!

by Peter

Knee surgery, Barlborough – amazing facility

This was my 2nd time as an inpatient at Barlborough for knee replacement surgery and in my opinion you couldn’t have this surgery at a better place. It is truly outstanding.

by Joy Lesley Wright

Cataract surgery, Portsmouth – exceedingly courteous and helpful

Appointments staff exceedingly courteous and helpful getting both my elderly parents booked in for appointments on the same day and directly after each other, for eye surgery.

by Paula Stubbs, Google

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