High quality healthcare for all
High quality healthcare for all

Operations Privacy Notices

This page details all of the privacy notices that are relevant to our services. Please choose the privacy notice that is most relevant to the Practice Plus Group service that you are using. Please note that as we are current rebranding from Care UK to Practice Plus Group, some policies are still shown as Care UK.

Covid19 Pandemic NHS Pathways Privacy Notice

Our General Healthcare Privacy Notice

111 Service

Out of Hours

GP and Diagnostic Services

Practice Assist

Practice Plus

Health in Justice (Prison Healthcare)

Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS)


Secondary Care (elective treatment)

If you are a Self Employed GP, part of our Bank team, or an agency worker, this privacy notice outlines how Practice Plus Group processes your data in the normal course of your work for us.

 Care UK Healthcare becomes Practice Plus Group

We are offering the same services, based at the same facilities, and with the same friendly faces, the only difference is our name. You may notice some changes to links and content, so please bear with us while all of the changes propagate.