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There are many types of eye surgery and treatment for various eye conditions. Please see below all of the eye treatments we offer at Practice Plus Group. Why not take a look at our Q&A video with Consultant Ophthalmologist Teresa Anthony which may answer some of the questions you might have about eye surgery.

Cataract surgery

Cataract treatment is a surgical procedure to remove the lens which has become cloudy and replace it with an artificial lens or IOL. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Learn more about the signs of cataracts.

Laser procedures

Laser eye treatment used for glaucoma works by decreasing the amount of fluid within the eye. This works by either increasing the drainage of fluid out of the eye or reducing the amount of fluid that is made.

Laser treatment for post-cataract, capsular clouding, is a treatment that is used to improve the vision post-surgery. It is very common and helps to let light pass through the cloudy regions of the lens capsule that may develop after the initial cataract surgery.


Oculoplastics covers a wide range of surgical procedures that deal with the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts and face. It also deals with the reconstruction of the eye and its associated structures.


Wet AMD is a painless eye condition that leads to the gradual loss of central vision due to abnormal blood vessel growth. It can be treated with medication and in some cases laser surgery.

Adult general ophthalmology

We treat a wide variety of eye conditions affecting all parts of the eye or eyelids. These can be medical conditions e.g. blepharitis, dry eye, retinal conditions or conditions needing surgery such as Entropion or Ectropion.

Glaucoma service

Glaucoma affects approximately 1 per cent of the whole population, it is a common eye disease which needs lifelong care, usually medical and occasionally surgical (or laser). Find out more about our glaucoma service.


Ways to pay

There are 3 ways to access eye treatment and surgery at Practice Plus Group:

  1. Pay for yourself
  2. Private health insurance
  3. NHS referral

Please note that enhanced cataract lenses are only available privately.

Why choose Practice Plus Group?

At Practice Plus Group Hospitals, we’re passionate about giving patients a positive experience and excellent clinical outcomes, with personalised care every step of the way. Whether you’re paying for yourself or using private medical insurance, with our short waiting times, unrivalled Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings and high levels of cleanliness and infection control, we’ll make sure you’re looked after. In fact, we were the first provider to have all services rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC.

Eye surgery Q&A with Consultant Ophthalmologist, Teresa Anthony

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Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

What are the benefits of cataracts surgery?

Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

Is cataract surgery a major operation?

Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

How soon can I have cataract surgery?

Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

How long does cataract operation take?

Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

What happens after my surgery?

Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

How soon after my surgery can I drive?

Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

How long will my lenses last?

Teresa Anthony consultant video talking about cataract surgery

Is there anything else I need to know about cataract surgery?

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Cataract surgery – cannot fault the care and attention

My wife recently had a cataract operation here and cannot fault the care and attention given to her by all the staff involved.

by Chris Longdon, Google

Cataract surgery – thank you for the great care

Thank you to all the team at Devizes for the great care they gave my dad when he came in for his cataract operation in March. The team were all very caring and efficient looking after him very well. Thanks for the many follow-up phone calls by the team making sure he was followed up by his GP on his return home. Thanks again.
by Alison Packer, Google

Cataract surgery – made to feel safe

My mum is 89 she was very frightened to have her cataract removed but when she got to the Gillingham practice from the start to the end she was made to feel safe with Mr R Govindan and the nurses on his team my mum is looking forward to having her other eye done

by Rosemary Jones, Google

Cataract surgery – made my experience worry free

I was very nervous at the start of my visit, but was absolutely amazed at the professional and caring service. The staff were so kind and helpful to make my experience worry free. The Surgeon was excellent and gentle, and I am so glad I had my eye surgery there. 100% a perfect day. Love to you all at PRACTICE PLUS GROUP GILLINGHAM.
by Philip Bevens, Google

Cataract surgery – quick and well organised

The whole process was very quick and well organised from first contact to being discharged. The initial telephone contact allowed me to ask questions and be directed to the clinic which would best suit my needs. Everyone involved was very friendly and quickly put me at ease. I was always explained choices and not pressured into any response. My concerns were fully answered enabling me to feel confident to go ahead. I loved my consultants humour during the procedure keeping me involved and relaxed. My eyesight is amazing now with no need to wear glasses so I’m extremely satisfied.
by Mary Hillman, Google

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