Don’t be tempted to ignore sudden eye problems

Eye health experts are warning people not to risk permanent visual impairment by ignoring the early signs of eye problems.

Juliat Burns, Head of Clinical Services at Practice Plus Group Ophthalmology, said:

Headshot of Juliat Burns

“Sometimes people choose to ignore changes in their vision in the hope that the problem will go away. Others think they will leave it for six months or more until their next regular check-up.

“Seeing your optician as soon as a problem arises can lead to a speedy referral to a consultant and that can save your sight. In the case of Wet AMD, an eye condition that leads to the degeneration of the macula, a 48-hour referral and treatment from diagnosis can dramatically increase the level of sight saved.”

Common eye problems to watch out for

Sudden changes in vision that should send you to your optician include:

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