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Affordable treatments

We deliver a comprehensive range of affordable private medical treatments and procedures with short waiting times and excellent clinical outcomes, to help you get back to feeling fit and well again sooner.

What is private medical treatment at Practice Plus Group?

At Practice Plus Group, we offer two different options when it comes to private medical treatment. You can either pay for yourself or cover the cost of treatment with private medical insurance (PMI).

Practice Plus Group believes in making private healthcare more accessible to more people, with honest pricing at the heart of our offering. For self-paying customers, our prices are up to 30% less than other private hospitals.

At a time when NHS waiting lists have reached record highs, one of the other main benefits of private healthcare is the speed of access. At Practice Plus Group, it takes as little as a week to get an appointment. If treatment is needed, we aim to have you booked in within four weeks of your consultation. You will also benefit from the expertise of a dedicated consultant who will be with you for every step of your journey.

The benefits of private hospital treatment

There are many benefits to seeking private healthcare. First, you’ll be able to choose when, where and who provides your treatment. You’ll also benefit from consultant expertise and specialised care, from teams of dedicated nurses to planned surgeries designed to meet your specific needs.

At Practice Plus Group, all of our hospitals are rated either Good or Outstanding by the CQC and our treatments are up to 30% lower in cost than our competitors. We are also committed to honest pricing and practise transparency with our patients from the moment they step through the door. Our wide range of treatments means that if you decide not to use the NHS for any reason, we’ll be able to help.

One-off private health treatments

You can have one-off treatment with us using our self-pay option. This means you won’t have to take out private medical insurance. Our private operation costs are package prices, which includes everything you need from overnight stays, prescriptions and follow up appointments.

How to access private treatment

If you want to access Practice Plus Group’s private treatment services, you can:

In most circumstances, there is no need to be referred by your GP.

If you have chosen the private medical insurance option, you will need to obtain your authorisation number from your insurance provider. You will then be able to call, email or submit an online enquiry form to book an initial consultation.

Please check your individual insurance policy to see if a GP referral is required and what your policy excess is.

Private medical treatment costs

The cost of private medical treatment depends entirely on the type of care you need. At Practice Plus Group, our treatments cost up to 30% less than other private healthcare providers.

Our pricing page provides a full list of available treatments and their costs.

If you are using your private medical insurance, please check your policy to see what it covers and any excess you may have.

Paying for private treatments - your options

If you’re using self-pay healthcare, payment is made seven days prior to the start of your treatment. This can be made via credit or debit card, BACS, or through our finance partner Chrysalis. Finance is available over 12 months 0% or longer-term options available from 36-60 months 14.9% APR.

Treatment is also available through private health insurance. Practice Plus Group are partnered with the following insurance providers:

Can I visit you as an NHS patient?

You can be treated at any one of our 10 hospitals regardless of location and existing health conditions – as long as it’s safe for us to treat you. It is your choice where you go to be treated in England. Patient choice is a legal right for all NHS patients.

If you require treatment you should be offered a choice of hospitals and services by your GP which will likely include private hospitals. One of the main reasons that patients may ask to switch hospitals is waiting times. If your closest hospital waiting list is unsatisfactory, you can switch to a different one. You can ask to be referred to a different hospital if you have to wait longer than 18 weeks for non-urgent treatment.

If you would like to choose one of Practice Plus Group’s hospitals for your treatment, simply follow our step by step guide on how to get referred and if you have any questions please do take a look at our FAQs from patients. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

Wellsoon self-pay surgery

Choose Wellsoon self-pay surgery from Practice Plus Group. With no hidden costs, you'll pay less than you might think and be back to your best sooner than you thought.

  • Surgery in 4 to 6 weeks
  • No hidden costs
  • Flexible finance options
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To chat about Wellsoon self-pay surgery options, call our Private Patient Advisors today, on 0330 818 8945. Alternatively, you can email us on