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You can book an initial consultation appointment with one of our specialist consultants, which also includes a nurse assessment, any necessary bloods and swabs and an X-ray if required.

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Procedure Price
Initial consultation £95

From treatment costs to FAQs – find out everything you need to know about fast-access private dental surgery through Practice Plus Group. Enquire today.

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Procedure Price
Simple tooth extraction £595
Surgical removal of impacted tooth £1495
Upper dental clearance £1495
Lower dental clearance £1495
Surgical removal of tooth £995
Coronectomy £1495
Removal of retained root of tooth £995
Surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth £1495
Extraction of multiple teeth £1495
Retained root removal £2065
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth £1495
Teeth extraction £1215
Full dental clearance £1495

We offer fast access to state of the art medical diagnostic imaging services such as MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray. Discover our affordable treatments.

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Procedure Price
Nerve conduction study £370
Echocardiogram £190
Cone beam CT £190
CT scan – one body part £305
CT scan – two body parts £510
CT scan – three body parts £715
X-ray £190
Ultrasound scan £190
MRI scan – two body parts £510
MRI scan – three body parts £715
MRI scan – one body part £305

We offer fast access to high quality Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery and treatment. Find out how to resolve your condition with an ENT specialist.

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Procedure Price
Ear wax removal £200
Mastoidectomy £4450
Adenoid removal £1995
Nasal endoscopy £200
FESS £3405
Sinus surgery including FESS £3405
Adult grommet insertion £2305
Perforated eardrum surgery £3405
Mua of nasal bone £1215
Septoplasty surgery £2680
Septorhinoplasty £3650
Turbinoplasty £2375
Tympanoplasty £3405
Ear lump removal £1040
Tonsillectomy £2430

Stay on top of your health with an endoscopy. Learn about the procedure, costs and high quality care options available at Practice Plus Group.

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Procedure Price
Flexible sigmoidoscopy procedure £1215
Gastroscopy procedure £1215
Colonoscopy procedure £1585

Discover the different types of eye surgery and treatments available for a wide variety of eye conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma.

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Procedure Price
Lower eyelid surgery £3165
Cataract surgery £1995
Cataract surgery – bilateral £2990
Monofocal cataract surgery £2195
Bifocal cataract surgery £2445
Cataract surgery – Lenstec Toric £2595
Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – NHS only N/A
Blocked tear duct surgery £2755
Eyelid cyst removal £3165
Eyelid surgery £3165
Glaucoma treatment – NHS only N/A
Laser treatment £610
Medical retinal procedures £1825
Oculoplastics £3165
YAG laser capsulotomy £610
YAG laser capsulotomy – bilateral £770

Discover surgery for feet and ankles at Practice Plus Group. Get fast access to quality treatment with excellent care and self-pay options.

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Procedure Price
Nail bed removal surgery £960
Ankle fusion surgery £5475
Foot fusion surgery £4375
Morton’s neuroma surgery £2430
Total nail removal £2500
Ankle replacement surgery £9970
Surgical pin removal £2680
Tendon injection £1375
Claw toe surgery £6685
Osteotomy and internal fixation £6685
Tendon repair £4255
Bunionette removal £4015
Flat foot correction £6685
Osteotomy £6685
Removal of internal fixation £2680
Hallux rigidus surgery £4015
Fusion of joint (level 2) N/A
Ultrasound guided steroid injection £680
Bunion removal surgery £4015
Ankle arthroscopy £4255

From hernia repair to skin lesions – get fast access to high quality general surgery and treatment via self-pay, insured and NHS routes.

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Procedure Price
Gallbladder removal surgery £5475
Nail removal £1215
Benign cyst removal £2500
Varicose vein stripping N/A
Pilonidal sinus treatment £3040
Haemorrhoids treatment £2800
Anal fissure surgery £1705
Anal fistula surgery / treatment £3125
Umbilical hernia £2680
Recurrent hernia £2680
Incisional hernia £2680
Femoral hernia £2680
Inguinal hernia £2680
Benign skin lesion removal £850
Hernia repair surgery £2680

From hysteroscopy to the treatment of menstrual disorders, we offer fast access to safe and professional private gynaecology services.

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Procedure Price
Menstrual disorders N/A
Marsupialisation of cysts £3125
Uterine bleeding treatment £3040
Excision of vulva lesion £3125
IUD removal surgery £265
Cervical biopsy £1215
Dilation and curettage £1585
Mirena coil fitting £1585
Cauterization of cervix £2130
Displaced IUD removal £2130
Excision of vaginal cyst £2130
Insertion of intrauterine contraceptive device £2305
Female sterilisation £2990
Cervical polyp removal £3125
Laparoscopy procedure £3125
Ovarian cyst drainage surgery £3125
Pelvic pain management £3650
Anterior and posterior colporrhaphy £4135
Ovary removal surgery £4865
Vaginal hysterectomy £5715
Keyhole hysterectomy £6080
Hysteroscopy procedure £1825

Explore fast access treatment options for common conditions of the hands and wrists. Quality private, insured and NHS hand and wrist surgery available.

Visit Hand and wrist surgery page Ways to pay

Procedure Price
Palmar fasciectomy £4915
Fascia surgery £2500
Ganglion cyst aspiration £985
Dupuytren’s fasciectomy revision £10740
Tenolysis surgery £2500
Surgical pin removal £2680
Tendon injection £1375
Tendon repair £4255
Ulnar nerve release £2430
Wrist arthroscopy N/A
Ultrasound guided steroid injection £680
Trapeziectomy  £5230
Trigger finger release £2305
Dupuytren’s contracture release £2430
Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery £1945
Ganglion cyst removal £2505

Explore the costs of hip surgery and treatments through self-pay, insured and NHS routes. We offer high quality hip replacement, revision and injections.

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Procedure Price
Surgical pin removal £2680
Tendon injection £1375
Ultrasound guided steroid injection £680
Hip revision surgery £18355
Hip replacement surgery £10720

From replacements to arthroscopy – explore private knee surgery and treatment options at our high-quality centres for fast access to better knee health.

Visit Knee surgery page Ways to pay

Procedure Price
Knee meniscus repair surgery £4865
Excision of bone overgrowth £2500
Tibia repair surgery £5455
Osteophytes treatment £2500
Bursa removal surgery £3380
Bone spur surgery £2500
Surgical pin removal £2680
Tendon injection £1375
Tendon repair £4255
Ultrasound guided steroid injection £680
Complex knee surgery £10215
Knee revision surgery £18355
Knee arthroscopy £4865
Knee replacement surgery £11200
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) £6080

We offer fast access to high-quality shoulder and elbow surgery via self-pay, insured and NHS routes. Resolve your health issue at a hospital near you.

Visit Shoulder and elbow surgery page Ways to pay

Procedure Price
Surgical pin removal £2680
Tendon injection £1375
Shoulder manipulation surgery £2185
Keyhole shoulder surgery £4255
Tennis elbow surgery £2065
Ultrasound guided steroid injection £680
Shoulder joint manipulation £1825
Aspiration of joint £1585
Shoulder arthroscopy £5320
Rotator cuff repair surgery £4375
Muscle debridement N/A
Shoulder decompression surgery £4740
Shoulder replacement surgery £10455

We offer fast access to high quality spinal surgery via NHS, insured and self-pay routes. Learn more about private back surgery.

Visit Spinal surgery page Ways to pay

Procedure Price
Slipped disc surgery £7490
Spinal decompression surgery £7490
Discectomy N/A
Laminectomy N/A
Spinal injection £1945

Explore urology surgeries and procedures on offer across our excellent hospitals and medical centres. Find fast-access to quality urological treatment.

Visit Urology page Ways to pay

Procedure Price
Excision of penis lesion £2130
Circumcision surgery £2020
Epidermal cyst removal £2065
Scrotal cyst removal £2130
Frenuloplasty £1705
Hydrocelectomy £2430
Prepucioplasty £2130
Prostate reduction surgery £5350
Urine flow test £920
Bladder irrigation procedure £955
Urethral clearance £955
Urethral dilation procedure £1625
Vasectomy reversal surgery £3040
Vasectomy procedure £1095
Diagnostic endoscopy £1625
Diagnostic flexible cystoscopy £1585

To learn more about paying for yourself call our dedicated private patient sales advisors on 0333 3211961.

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Prices will be explained to you in advance of payment.

There will be a charge for any diagnostic tests that may be required as a result of your initial consultation with our specialists.

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