Terms and conditions

For private treatment enquiries call
0330 818 8945

Illustration of a dog walker with 4.8 star Google rating. Click to find out more about Wellsoon private surgery
Illustration of a dog walker with 4.8 star Google rating. Click to find out more about Wellsoon private surgery

Wellsoon T&Cs

Operations within 4-6 weeks: treatment may be longer for patients who are not considered fit for surgery on initial consultation and diagnosis.

Any treatment first requires an initial consultation booking which must be booked via the Private Patient Contact Centre by emailing private.patient@practiceplusgroup.com or calling 0330 822 6537.

The ability to book an initial consultation is based on criteria which will be discussed before booking where suitability for surgical treatment is assessed.

This initial consultation does not guarantee that treatment will be available or possible. Suitability for surgical treatment is assessed at the initial consultation.

The 4 to 6 weeks is based on the understanding that:

  1. You choose to accept a treatment date within four to six weeks of your initial consultation.
  2. You book with an available consultant rather than a specific consultant.
  3. You do not cancel or change your treatment date for any reason.
  4. You choose to consent for surgery during your initial consultation.
  5. Your consultant requests any diagnostic scans other than an x-ray.
  6. Your consultant does not require additional clinical information from another healthcare professional that does not work at Practice Plus Group (such as your GP or another consultant).
  7. Your consultant is able to consent you for surgery during your initial consultation for any reason.
  8. Your consultant does not require a second opinion.
  9. Your specific circumstance does not require an MDT (multidisciplinary team) to take place before treatment can go ahead.
  10. You do not have a circumstance, condition or disease which means it is not appropriate or safe to undertake treatment within the timeframe. This includes cancellations on the day.
  11. You are not taking medication that you need to stop for longer than the timeframe.
  12. Your outpatient appointment or treatment is not cancelled on the day due to consultant or hospital staff sickness.
  13. The specific treatment, speciality or all hospital activity is not suspended for any reason including unforeseen circumstances.

Pricing: Our costs are uniform nationally, however customers may be required to pay for scans/tests if considered necessary on initial consultation.

Finance: Longer-term options from 24-60 months at 14.9% APR via our finance provider, Chrysalis Finance Limited. (link to Chrysallis Finance page)

Good and very good ratings: obtained from a survey of 1412 private patients who had surgery at Practice Plus Group Hospitals from 0ct 2022 – Aug 2023.