Patient choice in healthcare – your right to choose

As an NHS patient you have a legal right to choose your hospital.

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Did you know you have the right to choose where to have your NHS surgery?

If you or a loved one needs to see an NHS specialist, you can choose to access any hospital or treatment centre in England. You could even switch hospitals, having already been referred somewhere, if you are waiting for too long. This patient choice is a legal right for NHS patients.

What is patient choice in healthcare?

Patient choice in health and social care is the legal right of a patient to choose where they receive their treatment. In other words, if you need to be referred due to a mental or physical health condition, you have the legal right to choose which hospital or service you’d like to attend.

Can a patient choose where to be treated?

It is a patient’s legal right to choose where they receive their healthcare. Patients should be offered a choice of hospitals and services by their GP. This can include private hospitals. One of the main reasons that patients may ask to switch hospitals is waiting times. If their closest hospital waiting list is unsatisfactory, they can switch to a different one. Patients can ask to be referred to a different hospital if they have to wait longer than 18 weeks for non-urgent treatment.

Do patients have the right to choose their treatment?

According to the NHS constitution, patients have the right to choose their GP surgery and make choices about their health and care. Patients can also choose the organisation that provides their integrated care. They also have the choice of when they want to start their hospital treatment.

Why is patient choice important?

Patient choice is important because it gives you choice and control over your health and the decisions related to your treatment. The freedom to make an informed decision, and select the right choice for our individual needs, is important to a patient’s experience and recovery; both these things are better when we feel confident and comfortable with where we receive treatment.

Read our tips on choosing where to have your NHS treatment.

Enabling choice in health and social care

Promoting choice in health and social care can prove beneficial to both patients and resources.

First, patients benefit from understanding the care and support that’s available to them. This control over their healthcare can improve both mental and financial wellbeing.

Enabling choice also benefits healthcare professionals. Involving patients in decisions around their care helps to correctly allocate resources. This can subsequently alleviate the pressures on hospitals and services.

For more information on patient choice, you can visit the NHS England website or find your local Practice Plus Group Hospital.

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