e-Referral Service

Book your initial outpatient appointment at your hospital of choice. 

Safe and easy online service

In England, the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) is a national digital platform used to refer patients from primary care into elective care services. The e-RS allows patients to choose their first outpatient hospital or clinic appointment and book it in the GP surgery, online or on the phone.

Booking your appointment online is safe, easy and secure.

How does e-RS work?

You can access the NHS e-RS here. All you need is the booking reference number stated on your booking letter, and the password received from your referrer (e.g. your GP practice). Once logged in you can select your appointment from a list of hospitals and available dates. Find out more on how to get referred.

The benefits of e-RS

e-RS directly benefits you in a number of ways:

Download a printable copy of our e-Referral patient guide here

Important factors to consider when choosing your hospital

Choosing where to have surgery can be a difficult decision to make – there are various aspects that will affect your decision, some of which are very personal; only you will know exactly what matters most to you. However, it’s wise to consider a range of factors including waiting times, on-site facilities and patient aftercare. Visit our patient choice page for more information on your right to choose.

For further advice on the e-RS please contact your GP practice.

* If your hospital of choice is not on the list of options in e-RS, speak to your GP or referrer who may be able to add it to the list.
** Waiting times displayed are indicative and can change on a daily basis.