YAG laser capsulotomy treatment and costs

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YAG laser surgery costs and locations

What is YAG laser capsulotomy treatment?

YAG laser capsulotomy treatment for post-cataract, capsular clouding, is a treatment that is used to improve the vision post-surgery. It is very common and helps to let light pass through the cloudy regions of the lens capsule that may develop after the initial cataract surgery.

How do you know if you need YAG capsulotomy?

Upon the post-operative assessment of cataract, it will be decided whether you would benefit from having laser surgery. If needed, this will be arranged by the team.

What does the YAG laser capsulotomy procedure involve?

Laser treatment is carried out in the outpatient department. Local anaesthetic drops are used to numb your eyes. Your surgeon will carefully direct a laser beam into your eye. The beam will make a hole in the clouded capsule behind the lens, this is repeated to create an opening in the capsule and reduce cloudiness.

How long does YAG laser capsulotomy treatment take?

YAG laser capsulotomy treatment is a quick and painless five-minute procedure.


Patients often report an almost overnight improvement in their eyesight, with many returning to activities such as driving and reading with no further eye problems. Many people who have had cataract surgery also find that they rely less on glasses.

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