Patient story

Portsmouth hernia surgery – a patient’s story

Read about Portsmouth hernia surgery patient, Peter Sykes’ successful surgery…

We sat down with Peter, a hernia surgery patient (and huge Aston Villa fan!) to learn more about his healthcare journey and experiences with Practice Plus Group Hospital, Portsmouth.

A smiling Peter Sykes after his hernia surgery in Portsmouth

“I started experiencing discomfort in my groin in 2021 and saw a surgeon in Portsmouth who diagnosed a hernia. It wasn’t causing me too many problems so I left it alone, but then in May 2021 it flared up again.

I contacted a well-known private hospital chain, but they couldn’t tell me when I’d be able to have the operation. To me this was the whole point of going private- I only wanted to pay so that I could schedule the surgery around my work obligations.

I carried on, working and driving around the country at weekends to watch my beloved team, Aston Villa, play. But in October it flared up again and I started getting fed up with the discomfort, so I did some more research into private providers and found Practice Plus Group.

Peter’s hernia surgery patient experience in Portsmouth

I met with a consultant for an initial consultation and was able to book in for hernia repair surgery at the end of November, which suited me because it would fit around work. I used to be a Headteacher and am now a part-time link tutor at the University of Winchester; November is generally quiet work-wise, whereas January is very busy and it would have been difficult to take a month off.

November also coincided with the World Cup, which meant I wouldn’t miss any Aston Villa fixtures!”

“All the staff were brilliant; they were polite, helpful and couldn’t have done more.”

Peter Sykes, Practice Plus Group hernia patient, Portsmouth

“As I live alone, my cousin took me to hospital and up to the day surgery area. All the staff were brilliant; they were polite, helpful and couldn’t have done more. I was also pleased to get the impression they weren’t treating me any differently than NHS patients. This is what I wanted- for everyone to receive great care, and for me to have paid only for the convenience of scheduling my operation.

I came round, had some snacks and my cousin drove me home. I’d had a hernia operation in the 1980s and back then it meant a four night hospital stay, so being able to go straight home was very much appreciated.”

“I can’t recommend Practice Plus Group enough. Everything they did was excellent.”

Peter Sykes, Practice Plus Group hernia patient, Portsmouth

“For a week or so I didn’t feel great and then like a lightbulb was switched on, I woke up one morning feeling absolutely fine. A month on and I feel great and am back driving around the country cheering on Aston Villa.

I can’t recommend Practice Plus Group at St Mary’s, Portsmouth, enough. Everything they did was excellent.”

Hernia surgery at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, St Mary’s Portsmouth

At Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, St Mary’s Portsmouth – previously named St Mary’s NHS Treatment Centre – we endeavour to create an exceptional experience for all patients. We are dedicated to delivering the very highest standards of quality and safety.

Our clean, modern, and comfortable hospital in Portsmouth specialises in planned hernia surgery for NHS, private, and insured patients.

Available hernia procedures in Portsmouth

The surgery you receive will depend on the type and location of your hernia, as well as the recommendation of your doctor.

We specialise in keyhole (laparoscopic) and open surgery. Keyhole surgery involves the use of small incisions (cuts). These allow the hernia surgeon to use various special instruments to repair the hernia. For an open repair, a single cut is made over the hernia. The hernia is replaced within the abdomen (tummy) and repaired with a mesh. This technique is still the most common hernia repair technique in the UK.

In most cases, hernia repair surgery is performed as a day surgery, so you won’t have to stay overnight. The procedure usually takes around an hour but can last much longer.

Patient testimonial

“Huge thank you for taking such good care of my husband. He made a wonderfully quick recovery and didn’t even need so much as a paracetamol! Thank you everyone for doing such a wonderful job!”

Mrs Pilcher, partner of hernia repair patient at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, St Mary’s Portsmouth

Waiting times for hernia surgery in Portsmouth

At Portsmouth Hospital University, the average waiting time for first outpatient appointment for hernia surgery is 13 weeks. Hernia treatment waiting time is currently around 21 weeks.

At Practice Plus Group, treatment is available within 4-6 weeks.

Preparing for hernia surgery in Portsmouth

One of the benefits of being treated at our hospital is the ‘one-stop-service’ of your outpatient appointment. Where possible, we will complete any pre-treatment tests there and then. This is with the intention of saving you making multiple trips. Our anaesthetists and rehabilitation team will assess you at the same time.

Your outpatient appointment is also an opportunity for you to meet the consultant who will perform your treatment. Feel free to ask any questions you wish – you may even want to write these down ahead of your appointment. They will explain any special preparations you may need to make before your treatment.

Travel and arrival

The address for our surgical centre is:

Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre,
St Mary’s Portsmouth,
Milton Road,
PO3 6DW.

The nearest railway station to the hospital is Fratton. This is an 8 minute taxi ride or a 25 minute walk.

If you’re planning on driving, you will likely need to come off the M27 at junction 12 and join the M275 South towards the A3. You’ll be able to follow the signs from there.

Our Patient and visitor information page has more helpful travel information.

Opening hours

Day surgery is open 8am-6pm weekdays for booked appointments.


As you enter the car park, the registration number of your car is photographed. Payment is taken at the payment machines when you leave the hospital. The machines are situated at the main hospital or to the side of Block C. Please follow the instructions to pay for your parking which will calculate your entry and exit time.

The first 15 minutes of parking is free of charge for dropping off and collecting patients.


Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, St Mary’s Portsmouth is a day unit that generally treats around 50 patients a day. Free wifi is available to all patients and visitors.


When you leave the hospital after you’ve had your treatment, you’ll be given full details of your follow-up care. We will inform your GP that you’ve been discharged from the hospital. Day case patients are called the day after their surgery to check they are recovering well after hernia surgery.

If you have any worries or concerns, you can call our patient advice line for the first 48 hours after your surgery on 0239 285 8446 weekdays (7.30am-5.30pm) and 0333 200 4041 evenings and weekends (5.30pm-7.30am) to speak to a member of the clinical team.

Hernia surgeons in Portsmouth

Our experienced consultants at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, St Mary’s Portsmouth will support you from start to finish, making your visit as comfortable as possible, and guaranteeing that the treatment you receive is second to none.

Hernia surgery costs in Portsmouth

Hernia repair surgery is offered at a fixed price of £2,999 across all of our centres, including Portsmouth. Apart from a £95 initial consultation fee, everything, including tests, is covered in the price.

This is significantly lower than other private providers that start at £3,410.