Treatments and prices at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet

Our range of treatments, short waiting times and excellent clinical outcomes will have you fit and well again in no time.

We offer fast access to high quality Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery and treatment. Find out how to resolve your condition with an ENT specialist.

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Procedure Price
Ear wax removal £200
Tonsillectomy £2430

Stay on top of your health with a private endoscopy. Learn about the procedure, costs and high quality care options available at Practice Plus Group.

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Procedure Price
Colonoscopy £1585

Discover the different types of eye surgery and treatments available for a wide variety of eye conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma.

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Procedure Price
Cataract surgery £1995
YAG laser capsulotomy £610
Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) N/A
Medical retinal procedures £1825
Laser treatment £610
YAG laser capsulotomy – bilateral £770
Oculoplastics £3165

Discover surgery for feet and ankles at Practice Plus Group. Get fast access to quality treatment with excellent care and self-pay options.

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Procedure Price
Ankle arthroscopy £4255
Bunion removal £4015
Therapeutic injection (foot & ankle) £1375

From hernia repair to skin lesions – get fast access to high quality general surgery and treatment via self-pay, insured and NHS routes.

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Procedure Price
Benign skin lesion removal £850
Hernia repair surgery £2680

From hysteroscopy to the treatment of menstrual disorders, we offer fast access to safe and professional private gynaecology services.

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Procedure Price
Hysteroscopy £1825

Explore fast access treatment options for common conditions of the hands and wrists. Quality private, insured and NHS hand and wrist surgery available.

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Procedure Price
Carpal tunnel syndrome £1945
Dupuytren’s contracture release £2430
Ganglion cyst removal £2505
Trigger finger release £2305

Explore the costs of hip surgery and treatments through self-pay, insured and NHS routes. We offer high quality hip replacement, revision and injections.

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Procedure Price
Hip replacement surgery £10720
Therapeutic injection (hip) £1375
Hip revision surgery £18335

From replacements to arthroscopy – explore private knee surgery and treatment options at our high-quality centres for fast access to better knee health.

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Procedure Price
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) £6080
Knee replacement surgery £11200
Knee revision surgery £18355
Knee arthroscopy £4865
Therapeutic injection (knee) £1375

We offer fast access to high-quality shoulder and elbow surgery via self-pay, insured and NHS routes. Resolve your health issue at a hospital near you.

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Procedure Price
Shoulder replacement surgery £10455
Therapeutic injection £1375
Shoulder joint manipulation £1825

Explore urology surgeries and procedures on offer across our excellent hospitals and medical centres. Find fast-access to quality urological treatment.

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Procedure Price
Diagnostic flexible cystoscopy £1585

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