Wet AMD mobile service

Local mobile services for assessment and treatment of wet AMD and other macula-related conditions.

patient undergoing an eye test

Wet AMD service


As well as our eye services at Practice Plus Group Ophthalmology, Rochdale we also provide local mobile services for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of wet AMD and other conditions that affect the macula and require monitoring or treatment.



AMD is a painless condition that generally leads to the gradual impairment of vision, but it can sometimes cause a rapid deterioration. The condition predominantly affects the central field of vision, which is used for reading, recognising faces and other key elements of recognition. Normal macular ageing changes are a common incidental finding on a routine visit to the optometrist, but wet AMD may also be detected before it is symptomatic or noticed by the patient. Alternatively, patients may visit their GP or optometrist with difficulty in performing daily activities such as driving, reading and recognising faces.

Our Wet AMD treatment and service delivers a fast response to enable prompt diagnosis of this condition, as early treatment is key to minimising vision loss.

Most of our patients receive a first appointment within 72 hours of being referred to our service, this is much faster than any other service in the area.

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