High quality healthcare for all
High quality healthcare for all

Information for health professionals

At our hospitals and surgical centres, any patient in need of our services is welcome, regardless of UK location. We have been treating NHS patients since 2005. Helping your patients to make us their hospital of choice is simple, and we hope you find what you’re looking for on these pages. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

NHS treatments

Discover the range of NHS treatments available at our hospitals and surgical centres.

Why refer to us

Without delay your patients will receive the highest standards of treatment and care before, during and after surgery.

How to make a referral

Find out about the options we offer to healthcare professionals who want to refer their patient to us.

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We provide excellent care to patients across the country, support to the NHS, and a great place to work.

 Care UK Healthcare becomes Practice Plus Group

We are offering the same services, based at the same facilities, and with the same friendly faces, the only difference is our name. You may notice some changes to links and content, so please bear with us while all of the changes propagate.