Private MRI scan costs explained

Explore everything you need to know about the cost of private MRI scans to get diagnosed and treated sooner.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful diagnostic tool that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to examine various parts of the body. These include the brain, joints, and organs. It is particularly useful for detecting issues like tumours and injuries, as well as conditions affecting soft tissue that may not be visible on X-rays or CT scans.

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How much does an MRI scan cost in the UK?

The average cost of a private MRI scan in the UK typically costs anywhere between £200 – £1,500. This can be higher if more than one body part needs to be scanned. According to Private Healthcare UK, the average cost of a private MRI scan for one body part is around £395.

However, these prices depend on the following factors:


MRI scan costs can vary based on where you choose to have the scan done. In larger cities, prices can be higher than in smaller towns or rural areas.

Type of scan

The specific type of MRI scan required will also influence the cost. For instance, a standard brain MRI may cost less than a full-body scan or a specialised scan with contrast.

Clinic or hospital

Different private clinics and hospitals can have their own pricing structures. For example, luxury facilities may charge more for their amenities and services.

CT scan vs MRI cost

A CT scan is a diagnostic procedure that uses X-ray technology to create cross-sectional images of the body. These include:

  • organs
  • bones
  • blood vessels.

MRI scans typically cost more than CT scans as they produce more detailed images.

However, the amount you pay can vary depending on type, location, and the contrast agent used.

Ultimately, the choice between a CT scan vs an MRI should be based on your medical needs and the information your healthcare provider requires to make an accurate diagnosis. Always consult your healthcare team to determine the most appropriate imaging procedure for your specific situation.

Private MRI scan prices at Practice Plus Group

At Practice Plus Group, prices for MRI scans start at £319 for one body part. Prices then increase as follows:

  • MRI scans for one body part – £319
  • MRI scans for two body parts – £534
  • MRI scan for three body parts – £749
  • MRI scan for four body parts – £964

What’s included?

At Practice Plus Group, we provide all our patients:

  • fast access to private MRI scans
  • clear pricing with no hidden charges
  • high levels of cleanliness and infection control
  • up-to-date MRI technology allowing us to deliver high-quality imaging
  • a large calming room with relaxing music to put you at ease.

Why choose private MRI scans?

While the NHS does offer MRI scans, waiting times can be lengthy. This is why some people opt for private MRI scans.

Other benefits include:

  • reduced waiting times: The main reason many people choose private healthcare is the significantly shorter waiting times for MRI scans. Private scans can often be scheduled within days rather than weeks or even months with the NHS
  • choice of facility: Private healthcare allows you to choose where to have your scan. This gives you access to state-of-the-art equipment in a location convenient to you
  • privacy and comfort: Private clinics often provide a more relaxed and private setting. This can be comforting for patients who may feel anxious about the procedure
  • choice of specialist: You may have the option to select your preferred specialist or consultant for the MRI scan, providing a sense of control over your healthcare.

Ways to pay for your MRI

There are a few ways to pay for your private MRI. The first is to pay for yourself. This can be done in one lump sum payment or through a series of repayments via our financing partner, Chrysalis.

Another way to cover your treatment is through health insurance. Before you can proceed, you will need to check with your insurance provider to confirm whether MRI scans are covered under your health insurance policy.

Find private MRI scans near you

Private MRI scans offer a valuable solution for those seeking faster access to diagnostic imaging services. The benefits of reduced waiting times, choice of facility, and increased comfort often make the investment worthwhile if you’re concerned about your health.

MRI scans are available at several Practice Plus Group Hospitals around the UK, making it easier to access diagnostic services near you.

The cost of private MRI scans in the UK – FAQs

Not yet found what you’re looking for? Our dedicated MRI FAQs might have the information you need!

The following factors contribute to the relatively high cost of MRI scans in the UK:

  • equipment and maintenance: MRI scanners are expensive to purchase and maintain. These MRI machines use powerful magnets and intricate technology that require regular upkeep and servicing. The initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs are substantial. These expenses are reflected in the price patients pay for MRI scans
  • skilled professionals: MRI scans are operated and interpreted by skilled professionals such as consultant radiologists and MRI radiographers. These healthcare professionals have extensive training and expertise. Their salaries contribute to the overall cost of MRI services
  • regulations and licensing: Healthcare services in the UK are subject to strict regulations and licensing requirements. These ensure patient safety and quality of care. Compliance with these regulations can lead to higher operational costs for healthcare providers
  • technology upgrades: MRI technology is constantly advancing; newer machines offer improved image quality and diagnostic capabilities all the time. Healthcare providers often need to invest in updated equipment to stay competitive and offer the best possible care to patients
  • administrative costs: Running a healthcare facility involves administrative expenses. These include staffing for appointment scheduling, insurance billing, managing safety questionnaires, and patient records management. These costs contribute to the overall price of MRI scans.

It’s important to note that while MRI scans can seem expensive, they are a vital diagnostic tool for various medical conditions. The quality of care they enable can be lifesaving.