Knee replacement in Plymouth: a patient guide

If you need a knee replacement in Plymouth, you might be in the process of researching the procedure and what to expect. Plymouth itself boasts a long list of healthcare providers capable of carrying out the surgery, but which is likely to be the best to accommodate your needs? And how can you find the best facility for you? Our dedicated article aims to help you find all the information you need.

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Knee replacement: what to expect at our hospital in Plymouth

While Plymouth and its surrounding area boasts a range of medical options, you can be sure that Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth (formerly known as Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre) will be able to meet your knee replacement needs. If you choose Practice Plus Group, our team of highly qualified consultants and nurses will be with you on every step of your healthcare journey.


We aim to make patients as comfortable as possible whether visiting as a day patient or staying on our ward.

On our ward, each patient has access to a television – free of charge – so you won’t miss your favourite programmes! Wi-Fi is also free for patients and visitors.

There is a café on site serving a selection of hot and cold food and drink options. Our ward menu changes daily, offering a wide range of food, snacks and beverages 24 hours a day.

Success rates

According to our Friend and Family Report for October 2023, 99.8% of 518 surveyed indicated that their experience at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth was ‘Good’.

Since 2005, the team at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth have carried out over 10,000 knee procedures.


We’re committed to providing all our patients with successful, pain-free outcomes. But don’t just take our word for it! The patient testimonials below will give you an idea of the standards we uphold at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth.

Patient testimonial

“I’ve been struggling for a long time with pain and being able to walk long distances…throughout the whole night, the team [at Plymouth] were on top of my pain. I would definitely recommend Practice Plus Group, Plymouth.”

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Mel Baddick, knee replacement patient testimonial, Plymouth hospital
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Having a knee replacement in Plymouth

Having a knee replacement can be a daunting prospect no matter where in the country you’re based. Which is why we’ve put the following information together. It’s specifically designed to help you fully prepare for your time with us and the surgery ahead.

Travel and arrival

Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth is located four miles to the north of the city centre. It’s easily accessible by car, bus, or train. If you’re coming from the north-east by car, you’ll likely need to travel down the M5 and then pick up the A38, following the signs to Plymouth. Regular trains will take you into Plymouth station. We’re just a 10 minute taxi ride away. Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth is also well served by buses from the city centre.

Our Patient and visitor page will give you more information.


On-site parking is free of charge for patients and visitors; however, please note that parking is limited. For patients with disabilities, there is a disabled car park at the front of the hospital near the main entrance.


One of the benefits of being treated at our hospital is the ‘one-stop-service’ of your outpatient appointment. Where possible, we will complete any pre-treatment tests there and then, to save you making multiple trips. Our anaesthetists and rehabilitation team will assess you at the same time.


Your outpatient appointment is also an opportunity for you to meet the consultant who will perform your treatment. Feel free to ask any questions you wish – you may even want to write these down ahead of your appointment. They will explain any special preparations you may need to make before your treatment.

On the day of your treatment, wear something light and comfortable to help you feel relaxed.

If you’re staying with us overnight you may want to bring personal toiletries, nightclothes, comfortable footwear, something to read, and any medication you routinely take.

The procedure

Before the procedure begins, you’ll be given a general anaesthetic. During the joint replacement surgery itself, the worn ends of the bones in your knee joint are removed and replaced with metal and plastic parts. This is called a prosthesis which has been specially made to fit your knee. The type of surgery you have (total or partial replacement) will depend on how damaged your knee is.


When you leave the hospital after you’ve had your treatment, you’ll be given full details of your follow-up care. We will inform your GP that you’ve been discharged from the hospital. Day case patients are phoned the day after their surgery to check that they are recovering well.

It’s crucial to rest and take care of yourself after your treatment.

If you have any worries or concerns, please call us at any time on our Patient Advice Line (01752 506020) to speak to a member of the clinical team. This helpline is designed to ensure that your recovery is as speedy and successful as possible, so please use it as much as you need to.

The cost of private knee surgery in Plymouth

Another important factor to consider is the cost of private knee replacement surgery. Nuffield Health are also based in Plymouth where you can get your knee replaced for £17,001, plus £150 for your initial consultation.

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth, you’ll pay £95 for your initial consultation and just £11,799 for the surgery and any follow-up physio and medication. This means that knee replacement surgery at Practice Plus Group is nearly £6,000 less expensive than Nuffield Health.

Ways to pay

There are 3 ways to access knee replacement at Practice Plus Group:

Meet our knee replacement surgeons in Plymouth

We have a wide network of first-class surgeons and consultants working across the country. To help you narrow down your search, you can use our website to filter by treatment, location, and language to browse our Plymouth knee surgeons.

Why choose Plymouth for your knee replacement surgery?

At all our locations throughout the UK, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality healthcare for all our patients.

Since opening in 2005, Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth have carried out over 10,000 knee replacements. This total accounts for almost half of all the knee replacements in Plymouth!