Hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet – a patient's guide

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Are you based in Shepton Mallet? Are you suffering from a hernia? You’re in luck!

If you’re searching for private hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet, you may very well have a load of questions about your care.

There’s no getting away from it: surgery is a big decision. Luckily for you, at Practice Plus Group, we’re committed to making it accessible by guiding you through every step of the journey. From picking the right hospital to knowing what to expect during recovery, we’ve got you covered.

So, buckle up and let’s get started on your journey to better health!

Older man recovers in bed after hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet

Private hernia surgery at a glance

  • Waiting time: 4-6 weeks
  • Cost: £2,999
  • Ways to pay: self-pay and insured
  • Hospital stay: same-day recovery
  • Procedure time: 30-45 minutes

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Understanding hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet

When selecting a private provider for hernia repair surgery, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • experience levels of the consultants
  • patient reviews
  • the quality of the facilities
  • location of the hospital.

Reputable clinics provide comprehensive care from consultation through to post-operative follow-ups.

Who is eligible for hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet?

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet, eligibility for hernia repair surgery depends on:

  • the patient’s overall health (i.e. weight) and medical history
  • the patient’s ability to undergo surgery.

NHS vs private surgery

It’s the age-old question: should I wait for my treatment or should I pay and have it sooner? Only you really know the answer but here are a few things to consider.

Location of treatment: If you’re thinking of using the NHS for your treatment, it’s likely you’ll be facing a long waiting list. If this is the case, it might be worth doing some research. If you’re willing to travel for your treatment, you may be able to have your surgery sooner.

Accessibility of private care: Private healthcare was once the preserve of the rich. Nowadays, however, it’s become much more accessible with the dawn of finance options. At Practice Plus Group, you can spread the cost of your surgery over 12 months at 0% APR or over 24-60 months at 14.9% APR.

Shorter waiting times: If you do have the financial means, at Practice Plus Group Hospital Shepton Mallet, you’ll have your hernia repair surgery in just 4-6 from your initial consultation.

Waiting times for hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet

Hernia operation waiting times might be at the top of your list of things to research – quite rightly too. At the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust hospital, the current wait for an initial orthopaedic consultation is 16 weeks (four months)1.

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet, the waiting time for your hernia repair is much shorter. In fact, you’ll have your surgery just 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation. In terms of availability for the consultation itself, this usually takes place within 2 weeks of your booking enquiry.

Did you know?

Every year, around 100,000 people in the UK are treated for hernias. The majority of which are men1 .

Choosing a hospital for hernia repair in Shepton Mallet

When seeking hernia repair surgery in your area, it’s crucial to choose a provider known for its high-quality care, experienced surgeons, and comprehensive support. If you’ve cranked up the laptop and are ready to do some research, remember to look at patient reviews, facilities, and the quality of care.

In Somerset, NHS and private surgeries are performed by highly-qualified orthopaedic surgeons. This ensures exceptional standards of care whichever healthcare route you decide to take. It also means that, ultimately, your choice may depend on factors such as:

  • waiting times
  • cost
  • personal preferences.

The table below offers a comparison with regards to the available healthcare facilities in the county of Somerset. Spire Healthcare do not have a facility in Somerset so, for the purposes of context, we’ve thrown in their Bristol-based hospital instead.

Name of hospitalWaiting time for hernia repair surgeryPatient review rating (Doctify)Total cost of treatment
Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet4-6 weeks (from initial consultation)4.7£2,999 (plus £95 for initial consultation)
Taunton Hospital, Nuffield Healthunknown4.8£3,685
Spire Healthcare (Bristol)unknown4.8£4,096

Finding us at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet is easy.

There are a number of ways to travel to Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet. These include public transport, by road, and by train.

Public transport
The number 776 bus stops near the hospital on St Peter’s Road.

By car
If you’re coming from the north, you’ll likely travel down the A37. From the east, you’ll need to use the A361 and follow the signs once you arrive in Shepton Mallet.

By train
Castle Cary train station is a 20 minute taxi ride away, or there is plenty of free on-site parking at the hospital.

When you arrive please register at reception so we know you’re here. A member of staff will collect you for your appointment.

Our address is: Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet, Old Wells Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4LP.

Shepton Mallet map

Patient experience at Shepton Mallet Hospital, Somerset

If you’re still in two minds about choosing Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet for your hip replacement surgery, perhaps the information below will sway your decision.

Procedures offered

Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet offers the following types of general surgery:

  • hernia repair
  • benign skin lesion removal
  • haemorrhoids treatment
  • gallbladder removal
  • anal fissure surgery
  • pilonidal sinus treatment
  • anal fistula surgery.

Consultants and care

All our orthopaedic consultants at Shepton Mallet boast a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to hip surgery. Their consultation profiles will give you a better idea of which can meet your needs.

Shepton Mallet hernia reviews

We’ve had many happy hernia patients pass through our doors on the way to a pain-free future. Some of them even stop for a chat about their experience.

“Overall, my experience with Practice Plus Group, and specifically the staff at Shepton Mallet, was first class. I would thoroughly recommend it to those thinking of going down the private route. Thank you!”

Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet hernia patient

What to expect during hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet

Being open and honest with our patients is absolutely our thing.So, in the name of ensuring there are no surprises, the information below details what you can expect from hernia repair surgery at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet.

Pre-surgery assessment

Your consultant will need to get to the bottom of your issue before providing a diagnosis. To do this, he or she may need to do the following:

  • perform certain tests
  • take scans
  • ask about your medical history.

This is all included in the £95 consultation fee and there’s no obligation for you to progress to treatment.

Preparing for hernia surgery

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet, hernia repair treatment is more than an operation. With us, it’s a journey – one we’re here to guide you on every step of the way. From receiving your treatment plan to making travel arrangements for the big day, to what you should wear, our preparing for surgery guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Hear from our expert:
“The most common causes of a hernia are obesity, chronic constipation, a result of previous hernia surgery, or simply ageing. They aren’t considered hereditary and are more common in women than men.”

Mark Tomlinson consultant general surgeon
Mark Tomlinson
Consultant general surgeon

About the procedure

We specialise in keyhole (laparoscopic) and open surgery; keyhole surgery uses smaller incisions (cuts) but is more difficult, involving several smaller cuts which allow the surgeon to use various special instruments to repair the hernia.

For an open repair, a single cut is made over the hernia; the hernia is replaced within the abdomen (tummy) and repaired with a mesh. This technique is still the most common hernia repair technique in Britain.

Post-surgery care for hernia patients in Shepton Mallet

In most cases you will go home on the day of surgery and our team will give you post-discharge advice and support to ensure that your hernia repair heals properly. We usually do not need to see you after the operation but will telephone you to make sure you are recovering well. If you have followed our advice you should make a full recovery in a few weeks.

Recovery timeline after hernia surgery

0-1 days
Depending on the severity of your operation and your initial recovery from anaesthesia, you may be discharged on the day of your surgery. Soreness and discomfort around the affected area (as well as bruising and swelling around the scrotum for men) is common.

1-2 weeks
Between one and two weeks after your surgery, you should be able to return to light activities. These include shopping and desk-based work.

4-6 weeks
You should now be able to return to normal daily activities. Ask your doctor about resuming exercise. You can return to driving if you can perform an emergency stop without experiencing pain in the affected area.

Understanding the risks and complications

Irrespective of what type of hernia repair you require, the risks and complications are more likely if you’re:

  • you’re over 50
  • you have another illness (such as heart disease or breathing problems),
  • you’re overweight
  • you smoke.

You can mitigate these by losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, and improving your diet.

How much does the hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet cost?

In the table below, we’ve put together a few stats and figures to give you an idea of what to expect to pay for hip replacement in Somerset.

Name of hospitalConsultation feePrice of hernia repair surgeryTotal cost
Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet£95£2,999£3,094
Taunton Hospital,
Nuffield Health
Spire Healthcare
£150£4,096from £4,246

Whereas with other private healthcare providers, location can affect the cost of treatment, at Practice Plus Group, our hernia surgery costs are fixed. In fact, all our prices are! This means that whether you’re in the South-west or the North, you’ll pay exactly the same price for your treatment.

Ways to pay

There are three ways to access hip replacement at Practice Plus Group:

  • Self-pay private healthcare
  • Private health insurance
  • NHS referral.

How to find the best surgeon for hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet

Choosing the best hernia surgeon in Shepton Mallet doesn’t need to be difficult. Meet our experienced consultants at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet. Our consistency of care sees your consultant-led treatment team supporting you from start to finish, making your visit as comfortable as possible.

How to book your hernia surgery at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet

If you are paying for your own treatment, you can self-refer. This means you won’t necessarily need to make a GP appointment beforehand. Simply ring our Private Patient Advisors on 0330 822 6530 to find out what your options are. Once your referral is dealt with, our friendly staff will book you in.

References and sources

1 Royal College of Surgeons of England: Current trends in hernia surgery

Mark Tomlinson consultant general surgeon


Mr Mark Tomlinson is an experienced consultant general surgeon specialising in gallstones, hernias, removal of skin lumps or cysts and general day-case surgery. Mark provides specialist general surgery at Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Shepton Mallet. Among Mark’s special interests are day case general and laparoscopic abdominal surgery (hernias, gallstones, cholecystectomy, appendicectomy, adhesions) and general and dermatological surgery (removal of skin tags, moles, lumps, bumps, cysts, lipomas)

FAQs about hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet

Not quite found what you’re looking for? Our hernia repair surgery FAQs might be able to help!

What is the typical cost of hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet?

There aren’t many private hospitals in the Shepton Mallet area that can offer hernia repair surgery. Practice Plus Group however, can, and hernia repair surgery costs £2,999.

Which hospitals in Shepton Mallet offer hernia surgery?

Hernia repair surgery can be carried out at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet, or at the local NHS facilities. Treatment on the NHS is likely to involve a long wait, whereas with Practice Plus Group, you’ll have surgery in just 4-6 weeks from your initial consultation.

Will my hernia surgery be covered by insurance in Shepton Mallet?

Yes, but there are two things you need to check first:

– your insurance policy includes hernia repair surgery
– your insurance provider is included in our list of approved insurers.

What should I expect on the day of my hernia surgery in Shepton Mallet?

On the day of your hernia repair surgery, you’ll arrive at hospital and meet the surgical team. You should wear comfortable but loose-fitting clothing for the occasion. You’ll be prepped for surgery and taken into theatre. Once the operation is completed, you’ll spend an hour or so in the recovery room under the supervision of your nursing team. Once your doctor is satisfied with your progress, you’ll be given the green light to go home. This will typically be on the same day as your surgery.