Paul Ennis: Head of Healthcare, HMP Hewell

Paul Ennis: Head of Healthcare, HMP Hewell

“When I started work in the secure environment, I was a Prison Officer. It was a rewarding job and I flourished in the role. I enjoy working with people and I enjoy the challenge of making things work, and I loved the feeling that I could make a difference.

“Promotion quickly followed: I became a Unit Manager and then a Head of Operations. Systems and process may seem boring to some, but I believe they are what makes a service which supports vulnerable people excellent.

“I was thinking about next steps in my career, and knew that I wanted to continue making a valuable contribution. Then Practice Plus Group took on 11 prison healthcare contracts in the Midlands and I saw my chance to make a real difference. I had worked with the healthcare teams and I had been impressed with their positive attitude and professionalism.

“You don’t need clinical experience to be a Head of Healthcare but you do need the drive, the skill set and the determination to constantly improve your service for the benefit of people with short term, long term and even end of life needs. That means listening to feedback from patients and developing your teams to their full potential.

“In my job you need the people skills to inspire your team and hone their abilities. You need to support them and keep them motivated when faced with challenging situations. You also need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your patients. They may have committed a crime, but first and foremost they are your patients, and their health and even their lives are in your team’s hands.

“I am proud to work for Practice Plus Group because the company shares and lives my ethos. And those values are lived every day by the team – the patient is at the heart of all we do. If you have the same passion for patient care and you have clinical or excellent organisational skills and you are ready for a new challenge.”

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