High quality healthcare for all
High quality healthcare for all

NHS 111 call handlers

Our team of highly trained 111 call handlers are the first port of call for any member of the public in need of medical advice.

Patients can call the NHS 111 Service any time, any day. The patient may need to be given general advice, speak with one of our clinicians, or be booked into an appointment with an available out-of-hours service. Some calls can be emotional, distressing or even life-threatening, and there will be times when 999 services (such as an ambulance) may need to be dispatched.


Our team of 111 call handlers go through a rigorous and intensive 12-week training programme in order to become qualified to use the NHS Pathways tool, which is our highly advanced triage tool for assessing patients over the phone and directing them towards the most appropriate care for diagnosis and treatment.


Whilst it may seem daunting to take on such responsibility with no experience in healthcare; our call handlers receive full support from other members of the team such as the trainers and coaches, senior health advisors, experienced call handlers, supervisors, clinical advisors and of course, other trainees on the course.


We provide ongoing support and development throughout every call handlers career, and there are plenty of options for professional development and growth within the business for our more experienced Call Handlers.

Some recent examples of roles that call handlers have moved into are operational supervisors, pathways trainers, senior health advisors, real time analysts, recruitment and management positions.


We look for motivated and committed Call Handlers with existing customer service experience and a passion for helping others.

Working for NHS 111 is an extremely valuable and rewarding career, and as 111 is increasingly becoming a larger, more integral aspect of our NHS – there is no time like now to begin a rewarding career in healthcare.

Job title Location Contract type Schedule type Closing date
111 Health Advisor London NHS 111 Service NHS 111 Permanent 28 Sep 2021
111 Health Advisor Suffolk NHS 111 Service NHS 111 Permanent 30 Sep 2021
111 Health Advisor South East Coast NHS 111 Service NHS 111 Permanent 30 Sep 2021

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