Patient story

Michael's knee replacement in Southampton

Read about Michael Earl’s successful knee replacement surgery in Southampton. Michael has always played a lot of sport, but following a serious injury at just 26 years old, his left knee was so painful he had to give up playing professionally. As the years went on wear and tear to both of his knees and arthritis set in. That’s when he decided a knee replacement operation was the only answer. Read on to hear about Michael’s double knee replacement journey.

Michael Earls knee replacement patient at Southampton

“My first knee replacement went so well, I came back for the other. I trusted Mr Waller, the team at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Southampton and the process and it was fantastic from start to finish.

Michael Earl

I always played a lot of sport. I played football professionally when I was young, as well as rugby, squash, golf and running. I had surgery at 26 following a serious injury to my left knee. I had to give up playing professionally but managed to carry on playing football until I was 56, and doing lots of walking, gardening and playing golf. But over the years wear and tear, and arthritis took hold.

In 2019 I had a consultation with Mr Chris Waller, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Southampton, and agreed I needed a left knee replacement.

From the outset, the communication was fantastic and I was extremely impressed with how well the department was run. I have been part of teams my whole life, from sports teams to a 40-year career in social work, and I could see that everyone was busy but not stressed, they knew their role, and worked well together as a team.  

The surgery went smoothly, I did all the exercises and physio I was told to and made a great recovery. Almost three years to the day, in July 2022, I went back for a right knee replacement. By then it was as bad, if not worse, than my left knee had been.

I trusted Mr Waller, the team and the process and it was fantastic from start to finish. With a three year interval in between, I found this remarkable.

I’m back to full activity levels now. Yesterday I walked for two and a half hours with no problem whatsoever and I do everything I want to in the garden.

I also volunteer on the patient forum at Practice Plus Group Southampton along with my wife, Irene, to give something back for the excellent care I received.

It’s the least I could do to thank the team who have put me back on my feet- twice!