Patient story

Discomfort is a thing of the past thanks to hernia surgery

Read about hernia surgery patient, Steve’s successful Practice Plus Group experience.

Steve has always been physically active, enjoying his running, cycling, swimming and walking until he developed a hernia. He’d suffered with hernia discomfort on and off for years until it got to the point that the hernia pain was too much.

The hernia had been assessed by his GP over the years, who told him it hadn’t been bad enough for him to be referred for surgery. At that time, Steve was still able to do the things he loved. But after a trip to Nepal in November 2022, the hernia got worse meaning his regular activities had to stop. Steve’s GP explained that he wasn’t an urgent case for surgery and would need to be referred on a non-urgent basis. This would have meant a wait for treatment lasting up to two years.

Hernia patient Steve, who's hernia discomfort is a thing of the past

“I realise that it isn’t ideal we are paying for our healthcare, but in this instance, I knew I had to do something. I enjoy being active and within 8 weeks of my operation I was in the Canary Islands with my wife walking about 20km a day. I couldn’t have enjoyed that time I had if I had waited for treatment.”

Steve Mead, Practice Plus Group hernia patient

After careful consideration and research, Steve made two appointments on a self-pay basis, one at Practice Plus Group. He specifically looked at the option of paying for the surgical procedure himself so he could get back to doing the activities he loved.

The low consultation fee and the time and answers given to him from the call centre were enough to make him cancel the appointment with the other provider. Six weeks later he was having hernia surgery

“The day (of surgery) went well. I felt really looked after and left later the same day.”

Steve Mead, Practice Plus Group hernia patient

Steve said: “The day went well. The staff explained everything and I felt really looked after. I opted to have an epidural and the operation felt really social! I asked for a top-up of anti-sickness medication and was made very comfortable. I left later the same day.

“After feeling a little discomfort at home, I called the nurses who were able to reassure me. My consultant made an outpatient appointment for me to see him. I had already got back to walking and running at that point and I felt very happy with the reassurance my consultant provided.”

Steve is now back to walking 20km a day and enjoying his active lifestyle once again.