How to choose the best knee replacement surgeon

Are you considering knee surgery? If yes, choosing the right knee replacement surgeon is crucial to your chances of making a smooth and successful recovery.

Knee replacement surgery involves replacing all or part of your affected knee with an artificial joint. The procedure aims to restore movement and relieve knee pain caused by injuries or arthritis. A highly trained and experienced surgeon will help to ensure that your surgery experience goes well, from initial consultation right through to your recovery.

Join us as we reveal tips and advice on choosing the best surgeon for your needs.

Knee surgeon smiling with patient in a hospital environment

Choosing the right type of knee surgeon

In most cases, orthopaedic surgeons (who are trained to treat musculoskeletal conditions) have performed knee replacement surgery.

Orthopaedic surgeons complete their training by developing a subspecialty upper limb, lower limb, foot and ankle. Our knee surgeons are dedicated specialist in treating lower limb orthopaedic conditions. Finding a surgeon that specialises in cases similar to yours gives you a better chance of a successful outcome.

At Practice Plus Group, all our procedures are carried out by consultants. This means that the consultant you meet in your initial appointment will carry out your surgery.

How to choose a knee replacement surgeon – tips

Although knee replacement isn’t the most complex procedure in the surgery world, that doesn’t make it any less important to the patients who receive it. Naturally, you need to know your health is in the best possible hands, and that you’re well-placed to make a full knee surgery recovery. Below are some helpful tips for choosing the best knee replacement surgeon for your needs.

Check qualifications and experience

First things first, you want to choose a surgeon with the right qualifications and experience. Along with these details, you should look out for any memberships they may have to professional organisations. Look for a surgeon who has performed a significant number of knee replacement surgeries, preferably with a focus on the type of knee replacement you need.

Read knee replacement surgery patient reviews

Look for patient reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the surgeon’s track record. This will give you a better idea of previous patients’ experiences and surgery outcomes.

“Having met the team, I knew they were kind, professional and supportive. I was relaxed and confident about the surgery and looking forward to being pain-free.”

Adrian Roke, knee replacement patient, Barlborough Hospital

Look for a surgeon who takes a holistic approach to care

Choose a surgeon who works as part of a team that includes physiotherapists, pain management specialists and occupational therapists. This can help to ensure a smooth recovery. At Practice Plus Group, our friendly and experienced nursing team and consultant will be with you for every step of your healthcare journey. You’ll enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and benefit from our commitment to continuity of care.

Check the surgeon’s availability and location

Choose a surgeon who is conveniently located and has flexible scheduling options to suit you. You may also want to consider a surgeon who is affiliated with a hospital or clinic that offers comprehensive support services. These include post-surgical care and rehabilitation.

At Practice Plus Group we practise the Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP). This is an evidence-based approach designed to shorten a patient’s recovery time after major surgery. Our physiotherapists begin working closely with you within hours of joint replacement surgery to get you back on your feet sooner.

Ask about the surgery’s complication rates

During your initial appointment, don’t hesitate to have an open and honest conversation with your surgeon about their complication rates. This will help to reassure you ahead of the procedure. While all surgeries come with some risk of complications, you want to choose a surgeon with a low complication rate. Ask the surgeon how he or she would manage any complications that may occur.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Online forums can also be a useful source of information. They can provide valuable insight into what real people thought of their healthcare experience. Having these opinions in your back pocket can help you feel more confident about your upcoming operation.

Questions to ask a knee replacement surgeon

In the weeks leading up to your operation, it’s likely you’ll have a lot on your mind. Any surgeon worth their salt will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have before your total knee replacement.

Here are some you should remember to ask to ensure they can meet your needs:

  • What is your experience with knee replacement surgery?
    It’s important to know the surgeon’s level of experience and success rate with knee replacement surgery, if for no other reason than to put your own mind at ease!
  • What is the expected outcome of the surgery?
    The surgeon should be able to provide a realistic expectation of what the surgery can achieve, as well as the level of improvement you can expect to enjoy
  • What are the risks and complications associated with knee replacement surgery?
    It’s important to be aware of potential risks and complications associated with the surgery so you can make an informed decision
  • What type of implant will be used and why?
    The surgeon should be able to explain the type of implant you’ll receive and why it’s the best option for your particular situation
  • What is the expected recovery time and rehabilitation plan?
    The surgeon should be able to provide a clear timeline for recovery and a detailed rehabilitation plan. This will help you regain mobility and strength. As your surgeon will likely say, it’s worth bearing in mind every patient is different and heals at different speed
  • What is the post-operative pain management plan?
    Your surgeon will be able to explain how pain will be managed after the surgery and any necessary medications prescribed
  • How long will the implant last and what is the follow-up plan?
    While your surgeon will give you an idea of how long the knee replacement material is expected to last, this will depend on a number of different factors. A follow-up plan will be devised to monitor the performance of your new implant.

What makes our consultants the top knee replacement surgeons in the UK?

Practice Plus Group is the first provider to achieve a clean sweep of ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ CQC ratings for all secondary care services. And in 2020, our Shepton Mallet hospital was recognised as the best in the country for primary knee replacement surgery.

So, what does this all mean? It means that you should feel safe and secure in the trusted hands of our knee surgeons and consultants.

All of our first-class consultants are:

  • highly qualified on the specialist register
  • high volume surgeons
  • experienced in their specialisation
  • well-reviewed by patients and well-regarded by their peers
  • up-to-date with the latest technologies and healthcare guidance
  • caring and compassionate.

How to find the best knee replacement surgeons near you

Our consultant page allows you to search for an experienced knee surgeon by language, treatment type and location. Knee replacement surgery is available at the following Practice Plus Group locations:

  • Barlborough
  • Emersons Green
  • Ilford
  • St Mary’s Portsmouth
  • Plymouth
  • Shepton Mallet
  • Southampton
  • Gillingham
  • Devizes.

To see a list of available knee surgeons in your area, choose ‘knee surgery’ from the filter. Each consultant profile will show you his or her qualifications, medical council number and approved insurers, along with a biography about their specialisations.

From this you should be able to see which surgeon is right for your needs.

Think you might need a knee replacement? Get in touch to arrange an initial consultation.