Cataract surgery in Bristol – a patient guide

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If you need cataract surgery in Bristol, one important step is doing your research. Bristol itself is home to a range of different healthcare providers, all capable of carrying out the surgery.

But which is likely best suited to your specific needs? And how can you find out which is going to be the best facility for you? What does the procedure itself entail?

Our dedicated article aims to help you find all the information you need.

Woman getting for tested for cataracts in Bristol

Bristol cataract surgery at a glance

  • Waiting time: 4-6 weeks
  • Cost: £1,995
  • Ways to pay: self-pay and finance
  • Hospital stay: same-day procedure
  • Procedure time: 15-30 minutes

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Where can you get a private cataract operation in Bristol?

There’s a long list of healthcare providers in Bristol that can carry out cataract surgery. But the question is: which is the best one for you?

When choosing a hospital, you should first consider the location. How close is it to you? Is it going to be easy for you to get there? How accessible is it?

The map below highlights all the hospitals in the Bristol area. It should give you an idea of which one is going to best serve you from a location perspective. The purple pin indicates the location of Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green.

Map of Practice Plus Group in Bristol

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green, we are easily accessible from the east and north via the M4.

The M3, M3X, Y1, and 49 buses also stop at the Willy Wicket pub or Emerald Park. Both are within a 10 minute walk of the hospital.

If you’re travelling from Wales, you may be eligible for our transport help service. Please call 0330 053 6441 for more details.

Where in Bristol can you have cataracts removed on the NHS?

If you’re planning on having your cataract surgery with the NHS, the following hospitals are located in Bristol:

  • Southmead hospital
  • University Hospitals Bristol and Weston
  • Cossham Hospital
  • St Michael’s Hospital

The current waiting list for ophthalmology treatment at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston is just over three months. Figures indicate there are currently nearly 6,000 people in the Bristol area on the NHS waiting list for ophthalmology treatment1.

The cost of private cataract surgery in Bristol

At Practice Plus Group, we pride ourselves on offering all our self-pay and insured patients transparent and honest pricing. With us, there are no hidden costs, catches, or charges. Take a look at the table below to see how we stack up against other local private healthcare providers:

Healthcare providerConsultation feePrice of cataract sugeryTotal cost
Practice Plus Group£95£1,995£2,094
Nuffield Healthfrom £150£3,510from £3,660
Spire Healthunknown£6,604from £6,604

What’s included?

With Practice Plus Group, we strive for transparency and honest pricing. There are no hidden costs or charges; the price you see is the price you pay. For cataract surgery, this comes to a total of £2,094. This is over £1,500 less expensive than Nuffield Health and a whopping £4,510 saving on Spire!

The treatment with us includes any basic tests you might need in the initial consultation to diagnose your condition. It will also cover any necessary post-op equipment and medication such as eye drops.

Paying for yourself

If you plan to pay for yourself, this can be done in a single, one-off transaction. You might have money stashed away in savings or put aside for times like these. Either way, if you choose this option, you’ll get fast access to high-quality healthcare.

Using health insurance

Some private health insurance plans may cover part or all of the costs associated with your cataract surgery. It’s worth checking with your provider to understand your coverage and taking a look at our list of approved insurance providers.

Finance options

If you want to pay for yourself but don’t happen to have just over £2,000 lying around, there’s no need to worry. As part of our commitment to making healthcare accessible, we’ve introduced finance options. This means you can spread the cost of your treatment over time to make it more manageable. Our guide to cataract surgery costs is packed full of information to help you navigate the financial side of the procedure.

What is the waiting time for cataract surgery in Bristol?

If you’re having NHS cataract surgery in Bristol, the current waiting time stands at more than three months from your initial appointment.

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green, the waiting time for cataract surgery is just four-to-six weeks from your initial consultation.

NHS cataract surgery waiting times in Bristol

The current waiting time for NHS cataract surgery in Bristol is more than three months from your initial appointment.

Finding the best cataract surgeons in Bristol

Choosing the best cataract surgeon for you shouldn’t be a tough process. It shouldn’t even be tricky. And thanks to our wide network of first-class healthcare professionals, you won’t be looking for long. To help you narrow down your search, you can use our website to filter by treatment, location, and language to browse our Bristol-based eye specialists.

Surgeon Q&A

Patient question: How long does cataract surgery take?

Surgeon answer: Typically between 15-30 minutes depending on the severity of the cataract.

Patient question: When will I be able to see again after cataract surgery?

Surgeon answer: The sensation in your eye typically begins to return a few hours post-surgery. However, it might take a few days for any blurriness to clear and your vision to completely recover.

Patient question: How long will it take to fully recover?

Surgeon answer: Longer term, your eye is expected to be fully recovered and healed within about eight weeks.

What to expect at Emersons Green, Bristol

So, you’ve decided to come aboard the good ship Practice Plus Group. We hope you like the purple sails! Now it’s about time we gave you some details on your upcoming cataract surgery with us. Take a look below for more information on what to expect.

Location and how to get there

Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green is located to the north-east of Bristol, off M4 junction 19.

The M3, M3X, Y1, and 49 buses also stop at the Willy Wicket pub or Emerald Park. Both are within a 10 minute walk of the hospital.

If you’re travelling from Wales, you may be eligible for our transport help service. Please call 0330 053 6441 for more details.

Who is accepted for treatment?

As long as you’re eligible for surgery, you’ll be accepted for treatment. One thing you’ll have to think about is how you want to access your surgery. This is done either through self-pay, insurance, or the NHS. You should bear in mind that patients cannot mix and match their treatment pathways. In English, this means you can’t start off as a self-pay patient and then switch to the NHS for your treatment.

Procedures and lenses offered

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green, we don’t just offer cataract surgery. Just like we don’t just offer one type of lens for our cataract patients.

Below is a breakdown of what’s on offer:

Lenses for cataract surgery

  • Monofocal lens – improves distance vision. This is the most common lens used and is the standard lens used by the NHS
  • Extended depth of focus (EDOF) lenses – these enhance the patient’s range of vision. They offer good near, intermediate, and distance vision along with better contrast during day and night
  • Bifocal SBL-3 – this lens is typically used for patients with a small amount of astigmatism.

Different types of eye treatments

  • cataract surgery
  • YAG laser capsulotomy (including bilateral)
  • blocked tear duct surgery
  • eyelid cyst removal
  • eyelid surgery
  • lower eyelid surgery
  • oculoplastics.

Preparing for your cataract surgery

Your cataract surgery with us doesn’t start and end at Emersons Green. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. From when you receive your treatment plan, to making travel arrangements for the big day, to what you should wear, our preparing for surgery guide will give you all the information you need.

Cataract surgery consultation in Bristol

During your initial consultation, your consultant will need to get to the bottom of your issue and give you a diagnosis. To do this, he or she may need to perform certain tests and ask about your medical history. This is all included in the £95 consultation fee and there’s no obligation for you to progress to treatment.

During the procedure

Once you’re in for surgery, your affected eye will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution. A drape is then placed over the same eye. This is lifted off your face and air blown under the drape. We monitor your breathing and pulse during the surgery.

The cataract is removed by something called ‘phaco-emulsification’. It sounds complicated but it’s really just a way of using a probe to break up the old lens in your eye. Your surgeon then inserts a new lens into your eye. You may hear the ultrasound and may see more clearly when the new lens is inserted.

Cataract operation recovery in Bristol

Following cataract surgery, you’ll be able to return home on the same day. On rare occasions, patients are required to stay overnight, in which case, our specialist nursing team will be on-hand to support you.

You should see recovering from cataract surgery (pun very much intended!) as an opportunity to put your feet up. You’ll be issued with eye drops to help with your aftercare. It can take up to six weeks to fully recover.

Why choose Practice Plus Group for you cataract surgery?

The answer to this question is simple: our patients are at the heart of everything we do. From our transparent pricing to our top-quality healthcare professionals, providing you with the very best healthcare experience possible is our number one priority.


We have 10 hospitals and surgical centres around the UK. Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green (previously known as Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre) boasts a 100% clean record for hospital acquired infections. We’re rated ‘Good’ by the CQC and are open 6am-9pm Monday-Friday and 6am-6pm Saturdays.

Success rate

In March 2024, 97.6% of 968 Practice Plus Group Hospital, Emersons Green patients surveyed rated their service as “Good”. By April 2024, this figure came in at 95.8% of 987 patients.


Our commitment to quality healthcare means we strive to ensure all our patients receive the best healthcare experience possible. But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at the words of some of our Emersons Green cataract surgery patients below.

“Very Impressed! Always friendly, very helpful, very efficient and much cheaper than other private hospitals but still offering first class care.

Emersons Green cataract surgery patient on Doctify

How to book cataract surgery in Bristol

If you’re tired of cataracts keeping you in the dark, please give our Private Patient Care team a call today on 0333 060 5584.

Alternatively, fill out our quick and simple online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sources and references

1 The Waiting List

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