Treatments and prices at Practice Plus Group Hospital, Barlborough

Our range of treatments, average 4-6 week waiting time, and excellent clinical outcomes will have you fit and well again in no time.

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Simple transparent pricing

At Practice Plus Group Hospital, Barlborough – previously named Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre – we offer high quality, consultant-delivered care without the unnecessary extras.

There are two costs to consider:

1. £95 for your initial consultation
2. Your treatment cost, which can be found below:

You can book an initial consultation appointment with one of our specialist consultants, which also includes a nurse assessment, any necessary bloods and swabs and an X-ray if required.

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Procedure Price
Initial consultation £95

We offer fast access to state of the art medical diagnostic imaging services such as MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray. Discover our affordable treatments.

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Procedure Price
MRI scan – one body part £319
MRI scan – two body parts £534
MRI scan – three body parts £749
MRI scan – four body parts £964
Nerve conduction study £390
Ultrasound scan – one body part £200

Discover the different types of eye surgery and treatments available for a wide variety of eye conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma.

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Procedure Price
Cataract surgery – Standard monofocal £1995
Cataract surgery – Multifocal £2795
Cataract surgery – Enhanced monofocal toric £2545
Cataract surgery – Multifocal toric £2945
Cataract surgery – Enhanced depth of field (EDOF) £2945
Cataract surgery – bilateral £2990
Cataract surgery – Enhanced depth of field (EDOF) toric £3095
YAG laser capsulotomy £649
YAG laser capsulotomy – bilateral £799
Cataract Surgery – Enhanced monofocal £2145

Discover surgery for feet and ankles at Practice Plus Group. Get fast access to quality treatment with excellent care and self-pay options.

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Procedure Price
Ankle arthroscopy £4449
Bunion removal surgery £4199
Ankle fusion surgery £5749
Claw toe surgery £6999
Foot fusion surgery £4599
Morton’s neuroma surgery £2549
Total nail removal £2649
Injection in clinic £210
Injection in theatre £2049

From hernia repair to skin lesions – get fast access to high quality general surgery and treatment via self-pay, insured and NHS routes.

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Procedure Price
Hernia repair surgery £2999
Benign skin lesion removal £899

Explore fast access treatment options for common conditions of the hands and wrists. Quality private, insured and NHS hand and wrist surgery available.

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Procedure Price
Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery £2049
Dupuytren’s contracture release £2549
Ganglion cyst removal £2649
Trapeziectomy  £5499
Trigger finger release £2399
Dupuytren’s fasciectomy revision £11299
Fascia surgery £2649
Palmar fasciectomy £5149
Ganglion cyst aspiration £1049
Surgical pin removal £2999
Tendon repair £4449
Tenolysis surgery £2649
Injection in clinic £210
Injection in theatre £2049

Explore low cost, fast access to private hip surgery and treatments – 0% finance option available. We offer high quality hip replacements, revisions, injections and more.

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Procedure Price
Hip replacement surgery £11299
Hip revision surgery £19249
Surgical pin removal £2999
Injection in clinic £210
Injection in theatre £2049

From replacements to arthroscopy – explore private knee surgery and treatment options at our high-quality centres for fast access to better knee health.

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Procedure Price
Knee replacement surgery £11799
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) £6399
Knee arthroscopy £5099
Knee revision surgery £19249
Bone spur surgery £2649
Bursa removal surgery £3549
Complex knee surgery £10749
Surgical pin removal £2999
Tibia repair surgery £5749
Injection in clinic £210
Injection in theatre £2049

We offer fast access to high-quality shoulder and elbow surgery via self-pay, insured and NHS routes. Resolve your health issue at a hospital near you.

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Procedure Price
Aspiration of joint £1649
Rotator cuff repair surgery £4999
Shoulder arthroscopy £4449
Shoulder decompression surgery £4449
Shoulder joint manipulation £1899
Shoulder manipulation surgery £2299
Shoulder replacement surgery £10999
Keyhole shoulder surgery £4449
Tennis elbow surgery £2649
Injection in clinic £210
Injection in theatre £2049

We offer fast access to high quality spinal surgery via NHS, insured and self-pay routes. Learn more about private back surgery.

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Procedure Price
Spinal decompression surgery £7649
Slipped disc surgery £7249

From gastric band treatment to mini-gastric bypass surgery, explore our fast access treatment options for effective weight loss.

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Procedure Price
Mini-gastric bypass surgery £8995
Gastric sleeve surgery £7995

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