Nandani Campbell: Pharmacy Technician, HMP Hewell

Nandani Campbell: Pharmacy Technician, HMP Hewell

Nandani, 27, is a Pharmacy Technician at HMP Hewell and she values the development opportunities the work brings, as well as the friendship and support of working in a close team.

Following her A-levels, she worked in a community pharmacy team whilst training for her qualification one day a week at a local college. Two years ago she saw an advert for a Pharmacy Technician at the prison. She said: “I enjoyed my work in the community but I knew I needed more of a challenge – more developmental opportunities to ensure I could become the best technician I could be – and this job certainly gives me all the variety I need to keep learning and growing.”

Twice a day, patients visit the medication hatch to collect their medication. It is an important point of contact and is vital in supporting the wellbeing of people who may be mentally or physically vulnerable.

Nandani said: “It is a fascinating job and full of variety, which makes you more adaptable and flexible. As well as dispensing patients’ medication, we take a detailed medical history from each new prisoner. This is important as it enables us to ensure that they receive the same continuity of care that they receive in the community. We also investigate why prisoners are not attending to collect medication, as suddenly stopping could cause issues, or it may be that they do not like any side effects and we can talk them through their options.

“We also ensure that stocks of the medications patients need are kept up to date, and we order in specialist medication that might not be commonly held. Because we are always there, in the same place, patients get used to us and they ask questions.

“I am so much more confident now than I was two years ago, both professionally and personally. I have really grown in the role and still I am continually learning as I encounter new medications and medical conditions I have not seen before. Added to all this I know that I am making a difference to people’s lives and that is fulfilling.”

Since joining the team Nandani has also undergone Health in Justice training at Staffordshire University. She said: “That was interesting, and I am always able to talk to the GP about medical and working issues, which again is a great opportunity to learn. I would recommend anyone who wants to stretch themselves within the healthcare sector to consider talking to our recruitment team, to find out more about how they could play a part in a vital service.”

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