High quality healthcare for all
High quality healthcare for all


Welcome to the Practice Plus Group physiotherapy careers page. Our primary focus in Practice Plus Group is to work together with colleagues to deliver leading patient care. Across our services we provide high quality clinical assessment and treatment of over 1 million patients each year. Our physios work in a number of locations including Hospitals, Surgical Centres, MSK Treatment Centres and prisons.

In our diagnostic centres the physiotherapists have the ability to order diagnostic investigations including X-rays, ultrasound and MRI scans, ensuring patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and most appropriate treatment. We run a structured training program for all clinicians, with external speakers and in-house guidance. There are a wide variety of clinicians, from Musculoskeletal GPs to First Contact Practitioners/Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners, Physiotherapist and a specialist women’s health team. Our senior physios, for example, can order diagnostic tests and refer on to secondary care – not something that’s generally possible elsewhere.

Our hospitals have large physiotherapy teams that work closely with all clinical departments to aid patient’s rehabilitation post and pre surgery. Our physiotherapy teams are at the cutting edge of modern treatment evidenced by our pioneering day case arthroplasty where they play a vital role in patients rehabilitation post-surgery to ensure they can return home on the same day. This has resulted in substantially improved patient outcomes.

Physiotherapists working in our prison services work in post-surgical recovery as well as working with patients with multiple, complex and/or chronic presentation health issues. They are responsible for the advanced (MSK) assessment and treatment of patients within the offender healthcare setting, determining clinical diagnosis and clinical treatment indicated as well as maintaining records as an autonomous practitioner. In an offender setting physiotherapists benefit from being able to treat a patient throughout their recovery, having more time to spend with each patient.

We encourage a multi-disciplinary team approach and clinicians have the opportunity to discuss cases with colleagues and learn from each other. At Practice Plus Group we are committed to your continuous professional development, from regular internal training sessions to funding external courses that you might want to do, or giving you time off to attend conferences. We’ll support you with your HCPC revalidation. What’s more, we will trust and empower you to step up to the next level of responsibility.

Within our Physiotherapy Departments we recruit into the following roles:

  • Physiotherapy Managers
  • Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Physio/rehab Assistants

Benefits of working in our Physiotherapy Departments include:

  • State of the art Physiotherapy facilities
  • Pioneering recovery plans
  • Patient continuity – see your patients throughout their recovery
Job title Location Contract type Schedule type Closing date
Advanced Practice Physiotherapist Practice Plus Group MSK, Buckinghamshire Permanent Full Time 28 January 2021
Physiotherapist HMP The Mount Permanent Part Time 28 January 2021
Advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner Practice Plus Group MSK & Spinal Services, Lincolnshire Permanent Full Time 28 January 2021

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Somerset radiologist appointed to national role

7 January 2021 | Team news

Fiona Nelson has been appointed Diagnostic Imaging Lead at Practice Plus Group.

Maggie Wood

Skipton nurse appointed as new director of nursing and quality takes on healthcare for 47 prisons

6 January 2021 | Team news

Maggie Wood has been appointed to the new post of director of nursing and quality for our Health in Justice division, which serves patients in 47 prisons.

Ernest Onyema

Sight-saving 72-hour NHS pledge from surgical centre

4 January 2021 | Team news

A vision-saving pledge is set to see people with suspected macular degeneration receive NHS assessment and treatment within 72 hours of referral.

Deanna Mezen

Telford Nurse honoured by Princess Royal for end-of-life care in Staffordshire prison

16 December 2020 | Team news

Deanna Mezen, who works at HMP Oakwood, will be presented with one of only 10 Butler Trust Awards given each year.