Lesley Boler

Chief Nurse Secondary Care, Quality and Governance

I am keen to ensure that clinical care, governance and associated assurance processes are in line with CQC requirements are not merely a paper exercise and that quality is the foundation of all health care services and clinical practice. Good practice should be the norm and not exceptional whilst recognising good practice I do not endorse poor practice within the clinical workforce. I am actively involved in maintaining the key requirements mandated by key regulatory bodies such as CQC and NICE.

I have been awarded the Queen’s Nurse. I fully support the Queen’s Nursing Institute core values and these integrate into my approach to Nursing with the need to develop a quality and safe service at all times.

I am the ‘quality governance business partner’ to the service line Managing Director and supporting him to deliver high quality patient care in a safe environment which promotes an open culture and a learning environment.

I work closely with the service line Medical Director to ensure a joined up approach to quality governance and that matters relating to clinical and information governance are resolved to support good practice by all clinicians.

I am the Executive Safeguarding lead for Secondary Care and reports to the Board on all matters relating to Safeguarding.