David Stickland

Chief Financial Officer

David Stickland, chief financial officer at Practice Plus GroupI joined Practice Plus Group (formerly Care UK) in 2019, as part of the carve out of Practice Plus Group from the wider Care UK Group, and am excited to be taking a position with an industry leader whose expertise span so much of the healthcare sector.

In addition to healthcare – where I have spent some time as a non-exec of a Trust – I have sat on Boards as a CFO for the last 15 years, working in Outsourced Business Services, Transportation and Information Technology industries. This has given me a strong commercial edge and I am focused on driving profitable growth and delivering stakeholder expectations.

At Practice Plus Group we achieve this through a proactive, tenacious attitude and open and honest communication with both internal and external colleagues. I welcome innovation and change so it is fantastic to be part of an organisation which is leading the march in terms of new and better ways to deliver great care.