Unlocking career progression: Our Apprenticeships

Aren’t sure which direction you want your career to take? Couldn’t or didn’t want to go to University full time?

Thanks to our extensive apprenticeship programme, joining Practice Plus Group can make gaining your qualifications a realistic possibility. With training and education paid for, study leave days built into your week, and supportive colleagues, you’ll be able to gain real-life on-the-job experience, all while earning an income. Whether you want to become a registered nurse, a pharmacy technician, or simply wish to develop your business and leadership skills, there’s an apprenticeship for you.

Since 2019, Practice Plus Group has been on a journey to nurture and empower its employees through Health in Justice and Secondary Care apprenticeships

Our success in numbers

Since its launch, over 150 employees have benefitted from the programme.

Right now, there are 53 active Apprenticeship programmes across our hospitals and surgical centres (which we call ‘Secondary Care’) covering a wide range of roles. These include:

With five participants qualifying last year and an impressive 15 —seven of whom are registered nurses — expected to complete their apprenticeships this year, the programme is a clear success. There are eight more apprentices to be onboarded in the upcoming few months, meaning that by September 2024, we’ll be on track to have 75 registered active apprentices.

Our Health in Justice apprenticeship programme currently boasts 98 enrolled apprentices with an additional 24 due to begin in the coming months. From Level 2 to Level 7 (which equates to a Master’s degree), there are 17 distinct apprenticeships included in the programme. With 36 sites and 8 national roles, the apprenticeships are truly making a difference in the career development of our employees.

What our apprentices say

The success stories emerging from Practice Plus Group’s apprenticeship initiatives are truly inspiring. Take a look at some of their comments below to learn more:

“Being able to put theory into practice immediately has afforded such a valuable learning experience not available outside of the apprenticeship. Patient and interprofessional interaction are among the most vital parts of radiography, and being surrounded and supported by enthusiastic co-workers and colleagues at PPG Shepton Mallet has made the experience of gaining a degree so much less stressful than it would otherwise be. I am thoroughly enjoying my time as an apprentice with Practice Plus Group and am sure this will continue into my career as a fully qualified radiographer in 2025.”

Charlie Laycock, Apprentice Radiographer, Practice Plus Group Hospital, Shepton Mallet

“Having both of the apprenticeship opportunities has benefitted me and my family greatly. I have been able to progress in my career, whilst still being able to work and earn an income; but perhaps most beneficial, I have been able to learn and gain the vital experience I need for my job role.

Looking back on the past three years of apprenticeships, not only have I achieved more working responsibility but also increased job satisfaction. As well as being able to support and care for patients in a timely manner within my scope of practice, I have been – and continue to be – highly supported throughout my training. I can now help to support and educate fellow students taking the same pathway.”

Sasha Moate, registered nurse degree apprenticeship in Health in Justice

“I began the level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship within my first year at Practice Plus Group and completed this within a year. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt it gave me lots of opportunity for both personal and professional growth. The progression I’ve made since completing my first apprenticeship has helped me to buy a house! Having gained so much from my first apprenticeship, I’ve since enrolled on the Wellbeing Champion Apprenticeship.

Since taking part in these apprenticeships I am much more confident in my role and have had many new ideas as a result! I’ve found it easy to work in alongside my normal duties since I’m given protected time each week to complete the learning. I’ve found it a great way to improve my skill set, without having to cut down what I earn – this is exceptionally helpful to parents with young children, such as myself, wanting to progress their career.”

Emma Spedding, Wellbeing Champion Apprenticeship in Health in Justice

Commitment to workforce

Practice Plus Group is committed to its employees’ development and is providing access to bespoke career pathways by removing the financial restraints normally connected with higher education.

Practice Plus Group’s Apprenticeship Program is not just a professional development initiative; it’s a testament to the organisation’s dedication to unlocking the best work- life for its people.