Clinical leadership

Our medical leadership is the jewel in our crown, with robust leadership structures across all parts of Practice Plus Group.

Our size means we benefit from agility in how we work, but we’re big enough to make a real difference and contribution across many avenues of healthcare.

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Secondary Care

Our reputation for quality care is well known as the UK’s largest independent provider of NHS services. We believe that anyone should be able to access excellent care, whether via the NHS or privately.

We look to our leadership team to seek out new technologies to harness and pathways to innovate that make a real and tangible impact to the patient experience and improvements to their lives. One such example of innovation we’re proud of is the introduction of a clinical pathway meaning same day arthroplasties are now common place in several of our hospitals resulting in significantly improved patient outcomes.

Prison Healthcare

The primary care clinical lead role varies in relation to the type of prison and subsequent service provision, so there are some differences across our services. However, there are two broad themes around the role of the clinical lead which are:

  1. Providing oversight of the primary care service in terms of delivering safe and effective care, and
  2. Being a role model to develop services and provide support for their teams.

Some clinical leads work clinically on a daily basis, working alongside their team, others will work clinically for a set number of days per week, and use the rest of their time to engage in governance work and function as a line manager e.g. representing healthcare at meetings with the wider prison, undertaking/overseeing audits, Datix, report writing, staff allocation, manage HR issues, recruitment, 1-2-1s etc.

What makes being a member of the clinical leadership team in prisons so unique is the unpredictability from day to day, the opportunity to care for people with a wide range of healthcare need/patients with complex needs, and the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team including non-healthcare staff (prison staff) to ensure safe and effective care can be provided.

“It was an opportunity to do something new and an opportunity to put all of my knowledge and everything that I’d learnt into practice which I wasn’t able to do in my previous role very much.”

Hospital Director

Current Vacancies

Job title Location Contract type Schedule type Closing date
Clinical Lead (Urgent Care) Practice Plus Group Urgent Treatment Centre St Marys Portsmouth Hospitals, Surgical Centres, MSK and Diagnostics Permanent 28 Feb 2023

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