Hip replacement, Ilford – superb

I’ve had three procedures here now, two hip replacements and, on 03/05, my second knee replacement operation. I cannot fault my treatment at any point during my stay. The nursing team on Kingfisher Ward, both day and night, were superb. Very professional, very respectful and had a great sense of humour which put everyone at ease. The consultant surgeon, Mr Fabula, along with his very slick team, was awesome and did an amazing job as always. After about 30-40 minutes in recovery I was back on the ward where coffee/tea and toast was provided within minutes of arriving! Surgery is rarely fun, but the Kingfisher Ward Team made me feel absolutely as best as I could under the circumstances. The following day, the Physio Team were in and quickly assessed that I could use my crutches and do stairs, so after x-rays and a quick blood test, it was back home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kingfisher Ward, the Kitchen and Physio Teams for taking the best care of me during my stay, and especially to Mr Fabula, who has now done three of my four joint replacements, for carrying out another top-quality surgical procedure. Thank you all.

by Peter Kirk, Google

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