Self-pay knee replacement: find affordable finance options

While knee replacement surgery can be a significant financial investment, there are several strategies and resources to help make it more affordable.

In this guide, we’ll explore various avenues for financing a self-pay knee replacement. These will help you make informed decisions and find the best option to suit your financial situation.

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The cost of knee replacement in the UK

Knee replacement surgery costs can vary depending on the following factors:

  • location
  • surgeon and hospital fees
  • anaesthesia
  • post-operative care
  • any additional procedures or tests required.

Understanding the average cost of knee replacement surgery will provide you with a baseline to effectively assess financing options.

In the UK, you can expect to pay anything from £5,000-15,000 for private knee surgery. At Practice Plus Group, our knee replacement surgery costs are among some of the lowest in the country. Costs start from £11,799 (plus £95 for the initial consultation). This is around £2,000 less expensive than some of our closest competitors.

How to find affordable knee surgery

Some surgery providers are more expensive than others. Shopping around is key to finding a knee surgery option that meets your budget requirements.

At Practice Plus Group, our treatment prices are fixed and up to 30% less expensive than other private healthcare competitors.

How to pay for private knee surgery – your options

Now you have an idea of how much your private knee replacement surgery is going to cost, let’s explore the different payment and finance options.

Health insurance

If you have taken out private healthcare insurance or are covered by your employer, you may want to use this to cover the costs of your surgery. You will need to make sure your policy includes the procedure you need along with any associated costs.

Our approved insurers include:

  • Aviva
  • AXA Health
  • The Exeter
  • Freedom Health Insurance
  • General & Medical Healthcare
  • Healix Health Services
  • VitalityHealth
  • WPA

Once you have a GP referral you’ll need to call your private medical insurer to get an authorisation number. You’ll then be able to book your initial consultation.

How to pay for knee surgery without insurance – self-pay

If you do not have health insurance and only require a one-off procedure, you could opt to fund the surgery yourself. This is available to anyone who can cover the cost of the surgery and initial consultation.

Choosing to pay for yourself means that you can access fast treatment at a time that suits you.

How to finance knee surgery with flexible finance

If you need to spread the cost of your surgery, self-pay healthcare at Practice Plus Group is also available through finance options.

Payment needs to be made seven days prior to the start of your treatment. This can be made via credit or debit card, BACS, or through our finance partner Chrysalis. Finance is available over 12 months 0% or longer-term options available from 36-60 months 14.9% APR.

To be eligible for finance, you or your partner must met one of the following three requirements:

  • in full time employment or self-employed
  • retired and over 50
  • or in recipient of a regular and consistent income

You must also meet both the following criteria:

  • over 18 years of age when your Finance Payment Plan starts
  • have lived in the UK for at least the last three years.

How to access finance help for your knee surgery

Below are some more options on paying for your knee or hip replacement:

  • Personal savings: assess your personal savings and determine if you can cover the surgery cost upfront. Consider the impact of depleting your savings and evaluate if it’s a viable option for your financial situation
  • Payment plans: many healthcare facilities offer payment plans. These allow you to divide the surgery cost into manageable monthly instalments. Research hospitals and surgical centres that provide flexible payment plans and enquire about their specific terms and interest rates
  • Medical loans: consider applying for a medical loan from a reputable financial institution. Medical loans are specifically tailored for healthcare expenses and may offer competitive interest rates and repayment terms. Compare different loan options and choose the one that best suits your needs
  • Crowdfunding and fundraising: online crowdfunding platforms can be a valuable resource for raising funds for medical expenses. Create a compelling campaign and share your story with friends, family, and the wider community. Their support in financing your total knee replacement surgery could prove vital
  • Assistance programs: research charitable organisations, foundations and local programs that provide financial assistance for medical procedures. These programs may have specific eligibility criteria, so make sure you meet the requirements and submit the necessary applications well in advance.

Understanding self-pay knee replacement – what’s included?

At Practice Plus Group, we offer transparent package prices. This means the quote we give you covers everything which includes:

  • a surgical procedure performed by experienced orthopaedic consultants
  • overnight hospital stays
  • equipment used
  • prescriptions
  • follow-up appointments
  • aftercare
  • any unexpected complications.

Find affordable private knee replacement near you

While self-pay knee replacement surgery may seem financially challenging, there are several financing options available to make it more affordable.

By understanding the costs involved, researching financing options, and exploring strategies such as payment plans, you can find a solution that suits your financial circumstances.

Remember to carefully evaluate the terms and interest rates associated with each option, and seek guidance from financial advisors or healthcare providers to ensure you make an informed decision.

With proper planning and research, you can take the necessary steps to finance your knee replacement surgery and embark on the path to improved mobility and a better quality of life.

With short waiting lists, greater control over your procedure, and excellent clinical outcomes, private knee replacement with Practice Plus Group is a wise solution for your knee pain.

Get in touch to book an initial meeting with a consultant orthopaedic surgeon.