Dr Ruth embarked on her journey in the medical field in 1998 when she graduated as a pharmacist from Strathclyde University, Glasgow. With determination and expertise, she rose to become the youngest manager in a prominent blue-chip company, overseeing the opening of pharmacies across Europe.

Dr Ruth’s dedication to clinical pharmacy led her to contribute significantly to the field, including her involvement in crafting the first palliative care guidelines for dementia patients and establishing memory clinics in Lanarkshire NHS. Her expertise extended to collaborating with NHSQIS, where she played a pivotal role in reviewing standards of care for dementia patients in acute hospital settings. Her commitment to excellence was recognised with the prestigious Peter Saunders Memorial Scholarship for Medicine.

Dr Ruth completed her anaesthetic training at the West of Scotland School of Anaesthesia.

Her areas of specialisation encompass preoperative assessment, orthopaedic anaesthesia, special care dental anaesthesia and robotic-assisted procedures.


Dr Ruth is not only a skilled practitioner but also a dedicated researcher. Her work has focused on dementia and the effects of anaesthesia, as well as innovative approaches to reducing anxiety during procedures involving awake regional anaesthetic techniques

Fellowships and/or memberships

Dr Ruth holds memberships with the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the British Menopause Society. Furthermore, she made significant contributions by opening the first doctor-led Women Aesthetic & Wellness centre in Bath, where she served as both director and the registered CQC manager. She is a certified Trauma risk management practitioner. She has trained in a “Train the trainer” on human factors, focusing on creating safer healthcare settings.

Hobbies and interests

Dr Ruth has a keen interest in functional and aging medicine. She has enriched her knowledge by studying Bioidentical hormone therapy with the Marion Gluck Academy and collaborating with health testing companies. She, along with her business partner, runs retreats through their AgeLess Community, catering to perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Dr Ruth’s personal life reflects the importance she places on wellbeing and begins her mornings with an invigorating ice tub dip and even earned recognition for her culinary talents by advancing to the final stages of a renowned baking competition. She readily admits to being a Tsundoku – an avid collector of books. To stay fit and active, she engages in boxing training.
She shares her home with her husband and three Yorkshire Terriers in the South Cotswolds.