High quality healthcare for all
High quality healthcare for all

National price list

Below is a list of the specialties and treatments delivered from Practice Plus Group’s nationwide network of hospitals.


Procedure Price
Mastoidectomy £3,835
Tympanoplasty (reconstruction of eardrum) £2,935
Tympanoplasty (reconstruction of eardrum) – combined approach £3,775
Septoplasty £2,305
Septorhinoplasty £3,145
Polypectomy £1,465
Sinus Surgery incl FESS £2,935
Ear Wax Removal £170
Adult Grommet Insertion £1,990
Tonsillectomy £2,095
Reduction of fracture of nasal bone £1,045
Nasendoscopy – PHASE 2 £790
Turbinates £2,045
Excision of lesion of external ear £895
Closure of perforation of septum £1,855

General surgery

Procedure Price
Removal of benign skin lesions £940
Skin Tag removal anus / repair of anal fissure tear £1,465
Pilonidal sinus surgery £2,620
Total cholecystectomy – as a day case £4,720
Haemorrhoidectomy £2,410
HALO Haemorrhoidectomy £2,095
Avulsion of nail £1,045
Hernia Repair £2,305
Laying open of anal fistula £2,695
Other specified other operations on perianal region £2,695
Insertion of seton into high anal fistula £2,695


Procedure Price
YAG laser capsulotomy £520
YAG laser capsulotomy – Bilateral £660
Vitreous Retinal Procedures £1,570
Cataract £1,995
Occuloplastics £2,725
Enlargement of lacrimal punctum £2,375
Probing of nasolacrimal duct £2,375
Cataract £1,995


Procedure Price
Osteotomy – knee or foot – Level 1 £3,670
Osteotomy and internal fixation – knee or foot – Level 2 £5,770
Shoulder Decompression Surgery £4,090
Endoscopic Shoulder Surgery £3,670
ACL Repair £5,245
Aspiration of Joint £1,360
Removal of Internal Fixation from bone £2,305
Manipulation of joint £1,570
Trapeziectomy £4,510
Elbow Surgery – cubital tunnel release £1,780
Elbow surgery Not Added To Systems £5,770
Rotator Cuff Repair £4,090
Fusion of joints – level 1 £2,465
Fusion of joints – level 2 £3,775
Revision of Knee replacement £15,850
Revision of Hip Replacement £15,850
Arthroscopic meniscectomy Level 1 £3,670
Arthroscopic meniscectomy Level 2 £3,670
Complex Knee Surgery – not joint replacement or ACL – Level 2 £8,815
Ankle Arthroscopy £3,670
Shoulder manipulation £1,885
Bunion surgery £3,460
Carpal Tunnel £1,675
Dupuytrens Contracture Release £2,095
Ganglion Removal £2,160
Knee Arthroscopy Level 1 £2,830
Knee Arthroscopy Level 2 £2,830
Total Hip Replacement £9,025
Shoulder replacement £9,025
Total Knee Replacement £9,445
Trigger Finger Release £1,990
Ankle Fusion £4,720
Mortons Neuroma £2,095
Ankle Replacement £8,605
US Guided Injections £580
Injection into bursa £1,180
Excision of bursa £2,910
Chemical destruction of nail bed £820
Total Knee Replacement £9,695
Other specified other operations on soft tissue £2,155
Release of contracture of knee joint £2,910
Excision of excrescence of bone £2,155
Primary tenolysis £2,155
Excision of lesion of soft tissue NEC £2,155
Unspecified primary decompression operations on lumbar spine £6,465
Revision of digital fasciectomy £9,270
Primary microdiscectomy of lumbar intervertebral disc £6,465
Total excision of nail £2,155
Dermofasciectomy £4,840
Total Knee Replacement £9,695
Other specified other operations on fascia £2,155
Digital fasciectomy £4,240
Injection of therapeutic substance into tendon NEC £1,180
Open excision of intra-articular osteophyte £2,155
Ganglion Removal £845
Other specified division of fascia £2,155
Release of contracture of shoulder joint £4,590
Excision of overgrowth of bone £2,155


Procedure Price
Spinal / Epidural / Facet Injections £1,675
Spine decompression surgery £6,295
Removal of slipped disc £5,980
Radiofrequency controlled thermal destruction of peripheral nerve £1,725


Procedure Price
Colonoscopy £1,360
Colonoscopy with biopsy or therapeutic colonoscopy £1,360
Gastroscopy £1,045
Gastroscopy with biopsy £1,045
Flexi sigmoidoscopy £1,075
Gastroscopy with biopsy £1,075
Flexi sigmoidoscopy £1,075

Oral surgery

Procedure Price
Surgical removal of tooth £1,045
Surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth £1,780
Full dental clearance £1,780
Extraction of multiple teeth £1,780
Removal of retained root of tooth £1,780
Biopsy of lesion of mouth £730
Biopsy of lesion of mouth £750
Surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth £1,830
Simple tooth extraction £750
Surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth £1,830


Procedure Price
Urodynamic Study £790
TURP – prostate reduction surgery £4,615
Excision of hydrocele sac £2,095
Excision of lesion of epididymis £1,780
Vasectomy Reversal £2,620
Frenuloplasty of Penis £1,465
Circumcision £1,735
Vasectomy £940
Diagnostic flexible cystoscopy £1,360
Diagnostic flexible cystoscopy £815
Diagnostic rigid cystoscopy £1,400
Urethral irrigation of bladder £815
Introduction of therapeutic substance into bladder £815
Endoscopic dilation of urethra £1,400
Unspecified diagnostic endoscopic examination of urethra £1,400
Dilation of urethra NEC £1,400
Excision of lesion of scrotum £1,830
Excision of hydrocele sac £1,995
Excision of lesion of penis £1,830
Prepuceplasty £1,830


Procedure Price
Urodynamic Study Gynae £790
Colporrhaphy – anterior and posterior £3,565
Abdominal Hysterectomy £5,245
Vaginal Hysterectomy £4,930
Diagnostic Dilation and Curettage £1,360
Mirena Coil insertion £1,360
Treatment of uterine bleeding £2,620
Hysteroscopy and Insertion of Intrauterine device £1,990
Surgical removal of ovaries (Oophorectomy) £4,195
Sterilisation – cutting of fallopian tubes £2,575
Colposcopy £1,045
Pelvic Peritoneum Procedures £3,145
Hysteroscopy and insertion of intrauterine device – Dual coding £1,990
Hysteroscopy £1,570
Hysteroscopy with biopsy £1,780
Pelvic Peritoneum Procedures £3,230
Vaginal Hysterectomy £5,390
Pelvic Peritoneum Procedures £3,230
Endoscopic extirpation of lesion of ovary NEC £2,695
Excision of lesion of vulva NEC £2,695
Excision of lesion of cervix uteri £2,695
Endoscopic drainage of cyst of ovary £2,695
Cauterisation of lesion of cervix uteri £1,830
Avulsion of lesion of cervix uteri £1,830
Biopsy of lesion of vulva £1,830
Excision of lesion of vagina £1,830
Removal of displaced intrauterine contraceptive device NEC £1,830
Biopsy of lesion of uterus NEC £1,830


Procedure Price
MRI Scan – one body part £260
MRI Scan – additional charge per body part scanned £175
MRI Scan – additional charge for use of contrast £135
Ultrasound Scan including multiples and cardiac £160
CT Scan – one body part £260
CT Scan – additional charge per body part scanned £175
CT Scan – additional charge for use of contrast £135
Nerve Conduction Study – Carpal Tunnel £310


Procedure Price
Outpatient consultation £95
Injection in Theatre £1,675
Injection in OPD (Image-Guided) £580
Injection in OPD (Non-Guided) £170
Overnight stay £295

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