Nazia’s cataract surgery

Nazia’s cataract surgery

Nurse Nazia Kauser hated wearing glasses since she was prescribed them in her teenage years. Now aged 40, she is able to throw away her hated specs thanks to cataract surgery at Practice Plus Group.

Nazia works as a nurse at Practice Plus Group Ophthalmology, North West, and has met many cataract patients on their treatment journey. When she herself started experiencing sudden deterioration in her vision due to cataract in both eyes, there was only one choice for where to have her treatment. She explains: “I work in the operating theatre of the Croft Shifa Centre, in Rochdale. I know I have excellent colleagues and our patients are always delighted with the care they receive. So when my optician told me my cataracts needed to be removed, there was not a moment’s doubt for me that I would want the team to carry out the operation.”

Lenses to suit lifestyle

Paying for her own cataract treatment allowed Nazia to opt for premium corrective lenses so she didn’t have to wear glasses again. She explains, “Standard NHS lenses are good, but they only correct for distance, which would mean I would still have to wear glasses. The premium lenses are made to measure for each patient and they tackle near vision, as well as distance, which meant I would be glasses-free. I see it is a great investment.”

Surgeon and colleague at Practice Plus Group Ophthalmology, Karen Goodall said: “Lens development has come a long way. Glasses-free is a very real option now. With varifocals glasses costing around £600 a pair and with clearer, brighter vision beckoning, we are finding more and more patients choosing this route.”

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Although the procedure last around 20 minutes, Nazia chose to be sedated for the surgery. She said: “I knew, because I am a nurse, I’d be listening in and following every part of the procedure and I think that would have felt odd. I took the option to be sedated, which just meant I had a nice sleep when I got home a couple of hours later.”

Bringing everyday life into high definition

Cataract patients are advised to have a week-long recovery period before returning to work. If like Nazia they have cataract in both eyes, they can have the second eye treated a month after the first eye surgery.

Nazia was more than happy with the result of her cataract removal, “It has been incredible. Colours are brighter and everything is so much more detailed: it’s like life in HD. I thought my kitchen was cream, but its white! Driving is safer and I can enjoy days out again. I was able to see my parents clearly, even after having one done, and that meant a lot to me. I could not recommend the treatment highly enough”.

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