Laura’s day case shoulder surgery

Laura’s day case shoulder surgery

Laura Smith, 53, is married with one adult daughter. Laura lives on the south coast where she works as a supervisor for a contact centre. She’s an animal lover who owns a horse called Norman and three dogs. When she’s not busy riding the horse or walking, she likes travelling and has just bought a motorhome. For four years, Laura suffered with a bad shoulder until May 2021 when she went to the Practice Plus Hospital in Plymouth for day shoulder surgery.

Tell us about your shoulder problem?

“My shoulder was painful for probably four years. I did lots of physio and had an x-ray to see what the problem was but I was told I was too young for an operation, so I just got on with it. The pain got progressively worse and was affecting my sleep as I could not get comfortable. I think being in constant pain made me grumpy. I could not fully raise my arm or stretch it behind my back. It made life difficult. I had to learn to use my left hand for lots of tasks.”

Why did you go to Practice Plus Group?

“I went to my NHS GP because I could no longer cope with the pain. The paracetamol and ibuprofen I was taking were not helping, so she put me on strong pain killers and referred me as an NHS patient to Practice Plus Group.”

What was the experience like?

“I was treated very well. The consultant explained what was needed and what would be done and showed me the x-ray and explained everything to me. Every appointment was quick and efficient and the staff were lovely.”

How has the operation changed your life?

“I am completely pain free and no longer need any medication. I followed the advice of the physiotherapist and worked hard to improve my range of movement, which is almost as good as my other arm, though I still cannot stretch fully behind me. But I am able to do everything I need and want to and I now sleep soundly.”

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