High quality healthcare for all
High quality healthcare for all

Substance abuse

We believe in putting the patient first regardless of their history. That’s why we deliver quality healthcare in some of the most challenging environments.

Within prison healthcare, substance misuse can be encountered at any point from receiving a new patient into the prison through to release. Our multi-disciplinary teams are built up of a wide range of nursing backgrounds with substance misuse nurses and practitioners playing a large part in healthcare within this environment.

During a typical day working within substance misuse, you would be involved in anything from the positive engagement of individuals as they arrive in prison, reducing deterioration in mental health and in any substance use problems, focusing on risks to physical health, reducing the risk of self-harm and active treatment of any mental and/or physical health crises through to reviews, support and ensuring that they are detoxifying from substances.

Our team is made up of both Registered Mental Health Nurses and Registered Adult Nurses working within substance misuse. Typically substance misuse nurses assume they need to have mental health experience or be registered as a mental health nurse, which isn’t the case. At Practice Plus Group, we welcome applications from a variety of experience and backgrounds and work with you to specialise in substance misuse.

Job title Location Contract type Schedule type Closing date
Bank Substance Misuse Practitioner HMP Lewes Prison Healthcare Casual/Bank 26 Oct 2021
Senior Substance Misuse Nurse HMP Exeter Prison Healthcare Permanent 1 Nov 2021
Substance Misuse Practitioner- HMP YOI Moorland HMP YOI Moorland Prison Healthcare Permanent 2 Nov 2021

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