High quality healthcare for all
High quality healthcare for all


Medicines are the most common treatments offered to patients in any NHS and clinical setting. A pharmacist is an expert in medicines and their use. They are supported by the wider pharmacy team members- Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Dispensers/Assistants. Their knowledge of medicines and the effect they have on the human body is critical for the successful management of every type of medical condition.

Medicines play a crucial role in maintaining health, preventing illness, managing chronic conditions and curing disease. In an era of significant economic, demographic and technological challenge it is crucial that patients get the best quality outcomes from medicines. At Practice Plus Group, the pharmacy teams work tirelessly to ensure patients within all settings achieve the highest quality of care through the medicines we use. The values of Pharmacy teams within PPG consist of Integrity, keeping patients at the heart of everything we do, practising using real word data and insight, being the experts within medicine, and ensuring excellence in safety and effectives of our practice.

At Practice Plus Group we have Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Dispensers and Assistants working in a broad range of settings from Hospitals within our Secondary Care settings, through to in Prisons and telephony centres within our Primary Care settings. This expansive array of clinical areas allows every member of the pharmacy team to have a rewarding and fulfilling career, with a focus at continuous quality improvement and developing knowledge and skills of our pharmacy team members. Our Pharmacy teams work closely across all our departments to ensure the best care for patients.

At Practice Plus Group our pharmacy teams ensure medicines optimisation is embedded into everyday practice. This is about ensuring that the right patients get the right choice of medicine, at the right time. By focusing on patients and their experiences, the goal is to help patients to: improve their outcomes; take their medicines correctly; avoid taking unnecessary medicines; reduce wastage of medicines; and improve medicines safety.

To empower patients and the public to make the most of medicines the pharmacy team at Practice Plus Group work towards the goal of clinical and pharmaceutical excellence.

Job title Location Contract type Schedule type Closing date
Pharmacy Technician- Part Time HMP Pentonville Permanent 28 January 2021
Pharmacy Technician HMP Pentonville Permanent 28 January 2021
Pharmacy Technician HMP Bullingdon Permanent Full Time 14 February 2021
Bank Pharmacy Technician HMP Hewell Bank Variable Hours 26 January 2021
Pharmacy Technician HMP Hewell Permanent Full Time 24 January 2021
Pharmacy Technician HMP Oakwood Permanent Variable Hours 25 January 2021
Bank Pharmacy Technician HMP Oakwood Bank Variable Hours 25 January 2021
Pharmacy Technician HMP Leeds Permanent Full Time 21 January 2021
Pharmacy Technician HMP Winchester Permanent Full Time 21 January 2021
Bank Pharmacy Technician HMP Highpoint Bank Variable Hours 19 January 2021
Pharmacy Manager Practice Plus Group Hospital, Barlborough Permanent Full Time 29 January 2021
Part Time Pharmacy Technician Practice Plus Group Hospital, Southampton Permanent Part Time 17 January 2021

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Recent News

Fiona Nelson

Somerset radiologist appointed to national role

7 January 2021 | Team news

Fiona Nelson has been appointed Diagnostic Imaging Lead at Practice Plus Group.

Maggie Wood

Skipton nurse appointed as new director of nursing and quality takes on healthcare for 47 prisons

6 January 2021 | Team news

Maggie Wood has been appointed to the new post of director of nursing and quality for our Health in Justice division, which serves patients in 47 prisons.

Ernest Onyema

Sight-saving 72-hour NHS pledge from surgical centre

4 January 2021 | Team news

A vision-saving pledge is set to see people with suspected macular degeneration receive NHS assessment and treatment within 72 hours of referral.

Deanna Mezen

Telford Nurse honoured by Princess Royal for end-of-life care in Staffordshire prison

16 December 2020 | Team news

Deanna Mezen, who works at HMP Oakwood, will be presented with one of only 10 Butler Trust Awards given each year.