Things may change but Colchester is still our kind of town

3 March 2021

When the healthcare arm of major Colchester business Care UK was established as a separate organisation, namely Practice Plus Group, some of us feared that we may be saying goodbye to our long-time home, so we were all delighted to learn we would be maintaining a presence in our city.Colchester building

It was back in the heady days of the 1980s that Care UK began providing residential and healthcare services from offices in Colchester. The business grew, in no small part to the talented and dedicated staff we were able to attract from the local area and the excellent road and rail links that enabled us to travel to our growing number of care homes and healthcare services across the country.

When the decision was taken to formally divide the company, Care UK residential care service kept the headquarters at Connaught House, on the Colchester Business Park, while Practice Plus Group employees moved to new premises less than a mile from Connaught House at Brunel Court, Newcomen Road.

Practice Plus Group Chief Information Officer Barry Nee said: “Colchester is an ideal place for businesses with a national presence. We have NHS 111 services helplines in East Anglia, Somerset, Surrey and Bristol, hospitals that stretch from Derbyshire to Devon and 47 prison healthcare services that cross the length and breadth of England. Our Colchester office gives us access to those services as well as having fast train access to central London.

“Talented and forward-thinking IT and finance specialists are in great demand. Colchester, with its good schools, diverse facilities, access to entertainment and proximity to London all help us to continue to attract the calibre of candidate needed to help us take healthcare forward to a new level of excellence.”