Teed up for a pain-free future thanks to Perfect Week

6 November 2020

A week of collaboration between Barking, Havering & Redbridge University Hospital Trust (BHRUHT) and Practice Plus Group Hospital, Ilford that saw 250 people treated has enabled a Romford Club member to look forward to his return to the game after his knee was replaced in just one day.David Taylor

Perfect Week saw surgical teams in three operating theatres at the hospital working with the Trust to operate every day for seven consecutive days.

Retired accountant David Taylor, 68, from Gidea Park, had already had one knee replaced at the hospital, formerly known as North East London NHS Treatment Centre. He had just been assessed to have his second knee replaced when the pandemic struck and all NHS elective surgery was cancelled nationwide.

He said: “My joints had worn. I played a lot of sport over the years, including football and golf, and I had injured one of my knees playing volleyball.

“The pain grew over the years and I was unable to enjoy golf or take on other activities without taking strong, prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. So, I was happy when my GP referred me to the centre with a high recommendation. I was really pleased with the results.

“I spent four days in the centre and the team were great. The surgeon, Mr Nurul Ahad, was very good as were his team providing a calming environment, and so when the time came for the second knee to be replaced I was very keen to go back to the centre.”

Unfortunately, after his assessment, like thousands of others, Mr Taylor’s knee surgery was put on hold, leaving him in pain for a further seven months. But then he received a call from Mr Ahad inviting him to take part in Perfect Week.

Mr Taylor said: “I was delighted. He explained how safely knee replacement surgery could be done as day surgery. My first surgery had been done with a regional block anaesthetic, which means that while you are awake during the surgery, you are completely relaxed and pain-free.

“I also knew that I had the advantage of being able to use crutches, and also a clear understanding of how I would feel and how I could use medication to mitigate any discomfort as my recovery progressed. I arrived at the hospital at 6am and was collected by my wife at 8.30pm, allowing me to recuperate in my own home.”

As well as a return to golf Mr Taylor is also very much looking forward to enjoying more time with his three grandchildren.

Surgeon Nurul Ahad said: “We are all delighted the collaboration behind Perfect Week has seen so many people lifted out of pain and back to doing the things they love.

“We have been perfecting knee joint replacement as day surgery. For the right people this is the perfect answer, enabling them to be comfortably back in their own beds on the day of surgery. It also limits the time people need to be in hospital, which is very reassuring for many people during the pandemic.”