Taking care of your hands during lockdown

29 June 2020

With everyone washing their hands more than usual, there’s a good chance our hands aren’t getting the proper care that they deserve.Hand washing

Harsh soaps, alcohol-based hand gel, and other harmful detergents can all lead to causing dry and irritated hands. This can cause conditions like contact dermatitis, which is a form of eczema. If you suffer from this, you may start to notice your skin becoming itchy, sore and red, developing small blisters and painful cracks.

Here’s a few ‘handy’ tips on how to take care of your hands and give them the proper TLC they need:

Use hand cream daily

Nourish your hands with a good hand cream and you will start to see the benefits. If you have sensitive skin, try to avoid perfumed hand creams, go for something hypoallergenic that is highly moisturising. For example, brands like E45, Aveeno or Cetraben.

Invest in moisturising or natural soaps

Ditch the everyday soap for a hand wash that not only cleans your hands but also helps to soften and hydrate them. Look out for moisturising cleansers or bars of soap that contain natural ingredients like shea butter or aloe vera.

Use a high SPF sunscreen

Now that we’re fully into summer, you’ll want to make sure your hands are always protected from sunburn. The same way as in the winter, you would wear gloves to keep your hands from being damaged by the cold air.

Give yourself a manicure

With all the nail bars closed at the moment, it’s time to take matters into your own hands – literally! So trim those cuticles, clip your nails, file them down and give them a buff for an added shine.

Protect your hand’s while cleaning

Household cleaning products can contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, therefore try to wear rubber gloves whilst using them and for a short period of time.

Avoid extremely hot water

To keep your hands from getting damaged use warm water when washing your hands or having a shower or bath.

Pat your hands dry

Vigorously rubbing your hands dry can lead to irritation. Always make sure your hands are fully dry by gently patting them. This is also vital to avoid spreading germs.

Give your hands a massage

Whether you have a job that involves a lot of handy work or you are office based, giving your hands a little massage is a great way to relax and release stress. Simply apply some cream or oil, massage up and down your fingers, and then with the rest of the hand, move your fingers in a circular motion.

Follow these simple tips and your hands will be feeling revitalised in no time. If your condition gets worse, contact your GP for further advice.