Spring cleaning: top tips for keeping your home clean

30 April 2021

If there was ever a time to have a big spring clean – now is it. So, why not stick on your favourite album, roll your sleeves up and get out the cleaning products? Let’s go!Woman spring cleaning a window

Where to start?

Start with the most difficult room first when you have the most energy or – if you’re planning on mopping – do that room first so by the time you have done the rest of the house it’ll be dry to return to.

Start by decluttering

Before cleaning, you need to make a mess first. Be brutally honest about what you need to keep, what you like and whether you’ve used the item in question in the last six months. Decluttering isn’t just great for creating more space, it helps you feel more self-efficient and can bring a refreshing sense of order to your life.

Sometimes we keep things ‘just in case’ we need them in the future. Don’t be afraid to get rid of this stuff – you won’t miss it!

The bathroom

When cleaning in the bathroom, always make sure the door’s open to help with ventilation – especially if you’re using lots of strong cleaning products.

Start by removing everything on the side of the bath, shelves or sink, to help clear your surfaces for cleaning. This is a good time to dispose of any items you no longer use or are empty. Also, put any bathroom towels and matts in the washing machine.

Use a disinfectant spray on all surfaces, including the sink, taps and bath, and let it rest for a moment before wiping it away. With a new cloth or sponge clean your bathroom tiles making sure you scrub off any built up grime in the cracks.

To give your toilet a deep clean, pour some bleach or other disinfectant into the toilet bowl and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure you’re cleaning the outside of the toilet too, with a cloth only being used for the toilet.

Finish by sweeping and mopping the bathroom floor with a cleaning solution. Once it’s dry you can then return all your bathroom items and enjoy how sparkling clean it is!

TOP TIP: To keep your bathroom smelling good, dab a small amount of essential oil inside a roll of toilet paper. Great smelling essential oils include, lavender, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree.

The bedroom

Having a clean and tidy bedroom reduces stress and helps you to feel more relaxed when going to bed.

Start by stripping your bedding ready for the wash, then put away anything on the floor or in the wrong place. Chuck all dirty laundry in your washing basket.

With a dusting cloth, dust your nightstand, dresser tops, the top of mirrors, bed frames, windowsills and any other areas which build up dust.

Organise your clothes to look tidy and make sure everything has a proper place.

TOP TIP: To create more room in your wardrobe, organise what you need for the season, then vacuum seal the clothes you don’t need in a bag. Put it up the attic or somewhere else out of sight.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, start by taking out the bin and giving it a good wipe down removing any nasty tea or food spillages.

To make your oven sparkling clean, spray a little bit of vinegar around the inside and then add baking soda on top. The vinegar and baking soda will then react with each other and gently foam. Let this rest for a little while and then wipe away the mixture, scraping off any oven grime. Don’t forget to remove the oven racks and give them a scrub in warm soapy water too.

Next up, wipe down the stove with a sponge and soap. Whenever you spill something on the stove it’s best to clean it right away before it hardens and makes it tougher to remove.

Finish by cleaning the shelves and draws in your fridge with warm soapy water. Don’t forget to wipe away any spillages on the front of the fridge and to disinfect the door handles regularly.

TOP TIP: A quick and easy way to clean your microwave is to put a bowl of water mixed with lemon juice on full power for five minutes. You’ll then be able to easily wipe away any dirt on the sides.

Around the house

When cleaning around the rest of the house, focus on any points you touch regularly without thinking about. This includes light switches, door handles, controllers, phones and other technology, and cupboards. Using either biodegradable cleaning wipes or a cloth with cleaning solution on, clean around all of these surfaces.

It’s important you beat any rugs regularly to get rid of dust, dirt particles and germs which can be harmful to your health.

TOP TIP: Sprinkle baking soda on your rugs to neutralise any odours and vacuum away.

At a time where we’re all spending more time at home than usual, keeping your home clean can seriously boost your mood, keep you and your family healthy, and make you feel more house proud.

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