Practice Plus Group supports Dementia Action Week

21 May 2021

The number of patients living with dementia in prison is rising in line with an ageing prison population.Julia Waldron

To enhance dementia care in prisons across the country, Practice Plus Group is training staff and prison health representatives – trusted prisoners who support others and promote health and wellbeing – to recognise the signs of dementia and support prisoners.

Julia Waldron, head of primary care for Practice Plus Group’s Health in Justice division, explains:

“With the help of the Alzheimer’s Society, we’ve seen a number of prison healthcare colleagues become dementia friends.

“As a healthcare provider, our goal is to maximise patients’ quality of life. Our integrated clinical model, the wellbeing approach, has been designed to holistically meet the differing and often complex needs of our patients by supporting them to define realistic health goals within their care plans. Buddy systems are established in many sites, seeing older people supported by trusted prisoners who are employed to assist with tasks that may be challenging for those living with dementia.

“Our trained health champions – also prisoners – are on the wings watching for signs that someone may need additional support: they can take basic observations and signpost people to services within the prison that can help.”

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