Patients sought to help create the services of the future

26 May 2021

Former and current patients of Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, Portsmouth, are being invited to join the centre’s patient forum, which helps to develop and improve services for other patients.

As part of National Patient Participation Week (May 31 to June 6) the team at the centre is calling for new members for the forum, which encourages patients to use their experience as patients and as members of the community to share ideas with clinicians and managers.Portsmouth

Hospital director Penny Daniels said: “The patient forum provides a variety of ways for patients, family members, carers and colleagues to become involved in the future of service development.

“During the pandemic, the forum was unable to meet in person. As we begin the move out of lockdown we are keen to ensure our forum is at full strength and is helping us to factor in the patient’s view on how our centre should develop to fulfil the community’s needs in a post-pandemic world.”

Initiatives previously developed with the forum include reviewing all patient letters, assisting with the PLACE assessments (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment) along with reviewing complaints, all to give a patient’s perspective which will improve patient care and experience when visiting the centre.

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