Plymouth x-ray

New study shows x-ray as a potential means to check self-administered medication

22 September 2020 | Team news

A new pilot study has highlighted the potential of the use of x-ray in helping clinicians check if patients required to self-administered injectable medication over a period of time are doing so.

Indoor gardening

Simple ways to connect with nature more, when you can’t get out in it

16 September 2020 | Health news

Nature is a powerful de-stressor, so getting out in it often is great for wellbeing and physical health. But what about those times when you just can’t get out in it? How can we benefit from nature when we can’t reach it?

Dr Asim Hasan

How I built my GP career: Dr Asim Hasan

14 September 2020 | Team news

Dr Asim Hasan shares his career story – from joining as a GP trainee in 2011 to becoming the National Medical Director for Integrated Urgent Care at Care UK in less than a decade.


Ilford surgeon develops new service at North East London Treatment Centre

3 September 2020 | Team news

Essex and north London patients suffering from foot and ankle injuries will soon be able to receive treatment closer to home thanks to a service developed by an Ilford surgeon.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes: Posh toast topping, Quick couscous, and Antipasti salad

2 September 2020 | Health news

We’re here with more mealtime inspiration! Our ‘Breakfast, lunch and dinner’ food series is all about good food, quick food and using up whatever you have in the cupboard. Don’t have something the recipe calls for? Substitute it for something you do have.

Stay cool

Ways to stay cool at night and sleep better

11 August 2020 | Health news

As the heat wave continues and the night’s offer little respite, not sleeping well because of it can make you feel over the summer novelty pretty quickly. Here’s a few tips to help you claim back the night.

Zahid Saeed

Orthopaedic surgeon contributes to international textbook

27 July 2020 | Team news

An award-winning orthopaedic surgeon from Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre is one of just 30 orthopaedic surgery experts worldwide who have contributed to a new orthopaedic textbook for medical students, trainees and junior surgeons – “Orthopaedics of the Upper and Lower Limb”.

Hand washing

Taking care of your hands during lockdown

29 June 2020 | Health news

With everyone washing their hands more than usual, there’s a good chance our hands aren’t getting the proper care that they deserve.

Time to stop biting your nails

Time to stop biting your nails

21 May 2020 | Health news

Nail biting is a common habit that can be triggered by overstimulation and feelings of anxiety.


Defeat boredom with a new hobby

13 May 2020 | Health news

Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to start but never had the time to? Well now might just be the perfect time to start!

When a gut feeling could be a problem

When a gut feeling could be a problem

6 April 2020 | Health news

April is the awareness month for both bowel cancer and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If your doctor says that you need endoscopy to investigate symptoms, you can ask to be referred to us to have your tests done.

Innovative healthcare

Why health anxiety is a medical problem

23 March 2020 | Health news

The ironic thing about hypochondria is that it’s actually a medical condition itself. People with health anxiety may not be suffering from the illnesses they imagine they have but they may be suffering from a mental health condition which can seriously affect their wellbeing.