Fiona Nelson

Somerset radiologist appointed to national role

7 January 2021 | Team news

Fiona Nelson has been appointed Diagnostic Imaging Lead at Practice Plus Group.

Maggie Wood

Skipton nurse appointed as new director of nursing and quality takes on healthcare for 47 prisons

6 January 2021 | Team news

Maggie Wood has been appointed to the new post of director of nursing and quality for our Health in Justice division, which serves patients in 47 prisons.


The benefits of having a furry friend

6 January 2021 | Health news

Having a dog can be beneficial for your health in many different ways, from lowering your stress levels to reducing blood pressure – it’s no wonder they’re called “man’s best friend”!

Christmas Tradition

Breaking tradition: having a different kind of Christmas

21 December 2020 | Health news

Tradition is important to many of us. It helps us feel a sense of belonging and give us stability in a chaotic, unpredictable world.

Pocket Physio

Introducing Pocket Physio from Practice Plus Group

17 December 2020 | Health news

Pocket Physio is available to download for free on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

Deanna Mezen

Telford Nurse honoured by Princess Royal for end-of-life care in Staffordshire prison

16 December 2020 | Team news

Deanna Mezen, who works at HMP Oakwood, will be presented with one of only 10 Butler Trust Awards given each year.

Virtual Christmas

How to tell your family you won’t be seeing them for Christmas this year

11 December 2020 | Health news

If you’ve already tried to have the conversation and it didn’t go well, or you’ve been avoiding your family like the coronavirus just so you don’t have to break the bad news, then you’re in the right place – AND – you’re not alone.

Plymouth 15th year

Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth celebrates 15 years

11 December 2020 | Team news

Practice Plus Group Hospital, Plymouth, first opened its doors to NHS patients on 25th April 2005. From the very outset the hospital was popular with patients. Of the 300 who were the first to be offered treatment there, 297 accepted.

Katerina Tsokova

Bristol radiologist takes on national role

10 December 2020 | Team news

Dr Katerina Tsokova has been appointed as the group’s Clinical Director in Radiology.

Gillingham flooring

Investment in Gillingham surgical safety increases patient safety

9 December 2020 | Team news

Investment in new flooring across the three operating theatres has seen the centre made more COVID-19 secure for patients and staff.

Michaela Booth

Cycling for success: Supporting the rehabilitation of prisoners

8 December 2020 | Team news

This December, our National Patient and Family Engagement Lead for PPG’s Health in Justice, Michaela Booth, is cycling 100 miles per week to raise money for The Longford Trust; an organisation which helps to reform and rehabilitate prisoners and former prisoners by offering scholarships and mentorships to access higher education.

Chester Barnes

Further investment to protect patients on hospital’s COVID-free pathway

4 December 2020 | Team news

Investment in a solid, external swab testing facility at has further strengthened the COVID-secure pathway that allows the ongoing safe treatment of patients.