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Nurse helping a knee patient to walk

Waiting time for knee replacement surgery: a guide

12 September 2022 | Health news

As NHS knee replacement waiting times look set to continue growing, patients need to consider the costs of private healthcare before choosing a provider.

Image of the inside of a shopping centre

Event: Practice Plus Group coming to a shopping centre near you

31 August 2022 | Health news

Throughout September, our team will be visiting shopping centres across the country to answer your healthcare questions.

Eye doctor studies image of an eye

How long is the waiting time for cataract surgery?

4 August 2022 | Health news

Wondering how long the waiting times are for cataract surgery? Compare NHS and private options and find out how to reduce the wait for your treatment.

Woman receiving an eye exam

New sight-saving service launches in Shepton Mallet – available to NHS patients

4 August 2022 | Health news

Practice Plus Group proudly announce the launch of a new Wet AMD service for patients in Shepton Mallet and the surrounding areas.

Big group of cyclists on the road

Sport and exercise after a hip replacement

28 July 2022 | Health news

Can you play sports and exercise after a hip replacement? Discover the best exercises after hip surgery and how to get back into your favourite sports.

Female patient using a crutch for support

What is total hip replacement surgery?

26 July 2022 | Health news

What is total hip replacement surgery? Find out about the different types, what happens, during surgery and what you need to know before making a decision.

Ophthalmologist inspecting patient's cataracts

Choosing the best cataract lens type for you

11 July 2022 | Health news

Unsure of which type of cataract lens is best for you? Our guide explores the lenses available and their benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Older couple holding an iPad

Comparing the different types of hip surgery

8 July 2022 | Health news

Not sure which type of hip replacement surgery is right for you? Explore the different types, their benefits and which is right for you in our guide.

People stretching in a yoga class

Weighing the benefits and risks of hip replacement surgery

7 July 2022 | Health news

Hip replacement surgery doesn’t have to be scary. Join us as we weigh up the benefits and risks of hip replacement surgery.

Female tennis player holding a racquet

Famous tennis players with hip replacements

28 June 2022 | Health news

Which famous tennis players have hip replacements? Find out here, plus expert tips on how to get back into tennis after your hip surgery. Read more.

Smiling consultant and patient have a meeting

Recruitment events: July 2022

27 June 2022 | Team news

In July our recruiters will be exhibiting in Newmarket, Wellingborough, West Sussex and Wetherby.

Deanna Mezen from HMP Oakwood

West Midlands nurse shortlisted for top award

24 June 2022 | Team news

Deanna Mezen has been selected from hundreds of entries as a finalist in the Community & General Practice Nursing category of the RCN Nursing Awards 2022.